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(A Member's Inspirational Bulletin Board. Many items posted here originated as email.  As a Member you are free to submit items to post here.  However, unless you KNOW the story is true, no matter how powerful, please don't send it to us.  It makes for great reading but we really seem foolish when it is published it to the world and is a hoax.   Nevertheless, if true send to webmaster)
Many of us grew up in a different time, an ancient time as some would have it, a time of powerful symbols and high moral standards, a time when a handshake in a business deal was a bond and a person's word was what you could depend on, a time when things were simpler, when we had less but more of what counted when the chips were down, but alas it was also time of war.  Consequently, our view point is rather jaded when it comes to what is and is not relevant. 

Occasionally items come to us that we know in our heart of hearts are meaningful enough to warrant a unique place of honor or consideration, like you would a prized possession, a pearl of great price. The things you find here are on such a pedestal.  

Please pick them up and touch them they are not relics of the past, but treasures we should carefully inspect to see if we too can make such a difference.  They, hopefully will inspire you to go on to better things.  Things that others might consider worthy to pick up and use in their life.  

You may believe some of the items placed here should be located elsewhere and in fact there are many items even on this website that could or maybe should be given this special seal of approval; however, due to certain ministry conditions they remain where they are, as such they will be linked to and so noted when apropos.  

This is a growing, changing section. If you wish to recommend an item for this section please send it to webmaster@thegospeltruthministry.com 

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