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Capt. Ben Marler

Can you imagine anyone actually believing that there is no Supreme Being? The truth of the matter is most people living in America act as if it was true. Perhaps you do too. I sure hope not, but if you do, continue to read and I am confident you will be on your knees seeking to know God today.

Why can I be so sure? Well for one it is dumb to think that at sometime in the past two rocks flying together in space happened to collide and out fell creation. I can look at a tiny ant and know there is a Creator or Designer as this little creature is so complex that the rest of this article could be used just to describe it. For instance, one morning as I drank a glass of water I watched a tiny ant crawl across the counter. I marveled at itís ability and then it struck me, if I can not see itís legs how tiny must itís intestines be? One of our hairs is many times larger in diameter.

Primitive people believed in God and we can find it in the artifacts they left behind. The only thing is they could not have known God Almighty as He was not revealed to man until He spoke with Abraham some 6 thousand years ago. If you read the book of Exodus in the Bible you will see He spoke openly with Moses as He prepared him to lead the Israelites out of Egypt to the promised land. During their journey He spoke face to face with Moses.

When Jesus came to live with mankind He revealed the Father as never before. He said, "when you see Me, you have seen the Father, for the Father and I are "Am" One." Jesus said that all that He did was to do what He saw the Father doing. If you read the four Gospel accounts of the life of Jesus you will see the nature of the Creator. First and foremost He is love or agape. Agape is unconditional love. He has decided to love you whether or not you return it. The one thing about His agape is that it is intended to change us into the people he intended in the first place.

If you read the paper you will soon see that we do not live as He has told us. There is always consequences both in this life and in the next if we disobey Him. Now if you donít believe in Him you could care less what the Bible commands. But, if you believe in God and His Only Begotten Son, the Lord Jesus Christ and are not obeying Him or living for Him you will have some explaining to do on Judgment Day. I personally believe that the ones who disregard the Word of the Lord are not saved even if they live in a church house. If you have been watching the news you know this is true. Countless Catholic priest are being revealed as child molesters. Even in the Protestant denominations we hear of blatant adultery and theft of church funds.

These folks are in for severe judgment and I already hurt for them. Now if they truly repent of these sins our gracious Heavenly Father will forgive their sins and have them wiped clean out of the books to be opened on Judgment day. Better yet, He said He would even forget them. Wow! I donít know about you but this thrills my soul as I have greatly sinned against God in my early life. Now at 65 I have asked Him to kill me before I would bring a reproach upon the Name of Jesus. I do not want to hurt Him anymore.

Satan knows where I live and is constantly trying to trip me but Iíve found that when I remember to put on the whole armor of God [Eph. 6] and commit my life to Him using [Eph. 2:10] God is always there to shield me from Satanís ploys.

Did you know there are people who donít believe in God but they believe in the devil? This is mind boggling to me but there are groups who actually worship this unclean and unholy fallen angel. The sad part is they will have to stand in the burning lake called Hell with him forever. I have tried to reach some who are in "his camp" and found it is a true waste of time. The only way they can be won to Jesus is with prayer and a commitment that says "God whatever it takes, please save him or her". This may mean a horrible death fighting something like AIDS But in the end it is worth it. Hell lasts forever and ever. No one is going to suffer long here on Earth.

Do you know Jesus? Odds are you donít. Most Christians only know about Jesus. I have served the Lord for over 31 years and have met hundreds of thousands of people up close and there are few who reveal Christ when you share with them. Christianity is very simple and a good definition is, "Christ within you the hope of Glory." It doesnít matter how much you believe in Jesus, Satan does that, but have you repented of your sins and received Him into your heart by faith? I guarantee you religion has replaced relationship in most churches.

Jesus said true religion was ministry to widows and orphans in their need and He didnít add anything to it. If we are in Christ and He is in us we will become servants of the Lord or those who will receive a welcome on Judgment Day. I challenge anyone to read Matt: 25 and come to a different conclusion. We who have come to the Lord want to serve Him. It is not work! We consider it a privilege to be used of Him to usher in His Kingdom.

When you see Christians doing the things that the lost are doing you must agree with me that they too do not believe in God. As a self check ask yourself this questions. Am I living like I know that God is my Heavenly Father? Do I seek Him in the mornings for fellowship? Do I read the Bible daily or often? If you can not say yes to these simple questions isnít there reason to believe you donít believe in Him either or act as if you donít?

Trust me in this! God is standing before you with open arms and will accept you now but there is a time coming when He will close the door. It could be today. Please donít hesitate for a second, fall on your knees and ask Him to forgive you and to send Jesus to receive you. The Holy Spirit will come and exhale the breath of eternal life upon your lips and you can have Him. Do it now please. If I can be of help donít hesitate to contact me.

In His Service,

Capt. Ben Marler