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the Devil Is Attacking You

"Where the Devil Is Attacking You Is Where the Next Greatest Move of God Is Coming in Power!"
Bill Yount

Where the enemy is attacking you right now is the very place God is about to hold on! "When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will 'raise up' a standard against him." The enemy almost always will give away the next move of God. The enemy makes his move first, but do you see in this scripture and throughout God's word that God always has the last move that ends in victory? The enemy sends the flood of doubts, fear, and unbelief first to try to stop us, for he knows that the battle is already turning in our favor - for the Spirit of the Lord has already started to raise up a standard against him, coming to wipe him out and set us free before the battle even starts. It's a fixed fight! That's why it's called the "good fight" of faith!

I asked the Father, "Lord, in what area are you going to move next in the earth?" He answered, "In healing...I've already started."

Kathryn Kuhlman always began her meetings with four words: "I believe in miracles!" It didn't seem to matter to her who else agreed with her. There would be atheists, unbelievers, and many coming who were hoping to be healed saying, "Lord, I believe, but help my unbelief!" No sooner did Kathryn Kuhlman speak those words and the atmosphere became electrified in the huge auditoriums and down in the overflow rooms in the basement as miracles started exploding inside of bodies whether they were believers or not! She knew there was always one other person in that meeting that really believed in miracles even more than she did...God Himself!

"Victory is Contagious!"

I believe our 'believing system' in the Body of Christ has been broken down and become weakened over the years. Our problem is that we have seen many casualties over the years in many areas - especially in healing. We are in a war. In a war, when a soldier friend goes down and dies, the rest of the army doesn't give up and quit fighting. They don't stop believing they are going to win. They fight all the harder, with all they've got inside of them! Besides, that soldier did not die in vain, for it is like throwing gasoline on the fire to win the war! You've got even more reason to fight to win now!

Did you know that when you are fighting a personal battle that you are not fighting just for your own victory? You are fighting for multitudes. That's why you must not quit. For when you get your healing...healed people heal people! Delivered people deliver people! Victory is contagious. It sweeps through the family, through the whole church, and out into the world! Saved people save people! The devil trembles when he sees you getting up after a major blow has knocked the wind out of you!

"God is the One Who Heals, Not Us"

We are called to believe in miracles and healing no matter what happens. God is the one who heals, not us. A brother who was pastoring a church once shared how the whole church was praying for a fourteen-year-old child who was dying apart from a miracle. Everyone was fasting and praying and believing. The child eventually went on to be with Jesus.

The pastor cried out to God, asking what more he could have done to see that child healed? He felt he just didn't do enough and felt responsible for failing the child. The Lord answered this pastor, "The person who takes the blame when I don't move, will be the same person who takes the glory when I do!" We are not the healer - God is. We are called believers and are called to believe for as long as we have breath. Healing is God's business.

I have seen more people healed recently when I didn't even feel like praying for them. God is weaning us from feelings. It's the prayer of faith that saves the sick. It takes more faith to pray for someone when you don't even feel like praying for anyone, for you know you need prayer yourself! But that is what pleases God...our faith, not our feelings.

"Whatever the Enemy is Telling You Right Now, Believe the Opposite"

I believe The Passion of the Christ movie was divinely released in this moment of history so the world could watch the scourging and crucifixion. There have been reports when the scourging was being viewed that many people actually stood up in the theaters and screamed out, "That's enough - Stop!" Mel Gibson explained how he actually played down the scourging by showing other scenes at times. He knew that if we really saw it as long and as brutal as it was that no one would be able to leave the theaters in their right minds! I believe the scourging was allowed
to stand out so clear and long because the Lord wanted to let us all get a close up view and know that by those stripes we were healed! "I paid this much for your healing. It's yours! Contend for it until you get it."

Mel Gibson battled everyday fear, doubt, unbelief, and wondered at times what on earth was he doing as he was producing The Passion of the Christ. Hollywood thought he was crazy. No one wanted to invest in the movie, so he put his own money into it. The Passion of the Christ so far has earned over 600 million dollars! Sounds like Jesus was on his side!

Whatever the enemy is telling you right now, believe the opposite. If he is telling you that you will never make it, start shouting and jumping up and down, for he is a liar and the truth is not in him. He can only tell lies. So, if you believe the opposite of what he is saying, you will know the truth of your situation and the truth will make you free, healed, and delivered!

The fact that you are still alive today makes you a living miracle! Since you are a miracle, it makes it easier to believe for another one!