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  On Prayer

Robbie L. Rogers

Lord, hear our prayers.

Do you pray for our survival as a Christian Nation? You should, since Christianity is only a generation away from being extinct if we who call ourselves Christian do nothing.


That we are in a fallen world is evident even in church leadership too. Never before has Christianity and the morals it represents been under more attack. If we do nothing we have already lost. Pray fervently as to what your part in all this is. You were chosen to be here by God, don't just sit on your principles, do something. Do whatever God tells you to do, and pray, for it will get worse, Revelation foretells it, and it will come. God's Word does not go out and return void. You, we, have a choice, to be for or against Him. There is no in between.

"Satan laughs at our words. Mocks at our toil; but, trembles when we pray," the old saying goes. Our ultimate goal is to communicate with God, the Almighty Creator of the heavens and the earth, Himself. Finding out who God is personally and letting Him in on who we are personally is one of our goals.  To talk to God.

How do you pray?

You might start this way. Shut yourself away with your Bible if possible. Pause a moment to collect your thoughts, getting your mind on Jesus and how He saved you from a sure death, accepting you as His brother and fellow heir to His throne.

Remember you are in vertical conversation, a two-way communication with the Creator of the universe. Treat your prayer for what it is and not what it isnít.

Jesus said in Matthew 6:9 "Pray then this way." He gave us the Lordís Prayer. He didnít say, always pray this prayer and thatís all, though we often offer it up when we say our prayers and worship Him. The Lordís Prayer or any prayer is not a required prayer to communicate with God... the Lordís Prayer is a guideline... one prayer to study to learn how He prayed.

Prayer is the purification process of your walk in the Christian life, and God is not finished with us yet.  He wants us to come and talk with Him, like Adam and Eve. Like a young father on a mountain top in Hawaii or at your kitchen table, or wherever you decide to spend your time with the Lord.  But remember always, God yearns for a true relationship with you and me, that's one reason He give us the magnificent gift of prayer.

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