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Capt Ben Marler


We Christians, especially those of us who live in America, have reached the place where we do not normally call on God when we are ill. The quality of medicine here is unequaled anywhere in the world and we generally have the money or insurance to pay for it so off we go.

This is not Godís plan for His children. He allowed Jesus to suffer horribly from a horrible beating by a Roman soldier using the cruel scourge. This whip was made of heavy leather and was imbedded with sharp pieces of metal and glass. When it landed upon the victim it was snatched back violently. Each time bits of flesh were removed increasing the incredible pain.

Why did God allow this beating? There are only two reasons. One, in the Book of Isaiah we see in chapter 53 the prophecy of the crucifixion. It includes these words, "By His stripes we are healed." It is speaking of the lash marks upon the body of Jesus. Later we see in 1 Peter 2 the words "By His stripes were we healed." Just as God allowed Jesus to die upon the cross spilling His Blood to save us we see the horrible wounds of the scourge being inflicted to bring us healing. Why is this so?

Jesus Christ is God, Emmanuel. The only way to satisfy the Fatherís wrath for sin was for Jesus to bear it for us. We have all sinned and therefore were unworthy to be the "unblemished lamb" for the sacrificial offering. Since we are the prodigy of Adam and Eve who sinned in the very beginning we carry the curse of it in our flesh too. Understanding these points will allow any redeemed [born-again] child of God to live in Divine Health.

It must be pointed out here that God is Sovereign and can heal anyone He wants but the benefits mentioned in Psalm 103 1-4 are for His adopted children. Many who live in the world have become part of the world. They would love to have God heal them with a word but for the most part donít want to die to their own will which is required of us to be saved. Did you know this is what the statement made by Jesus really means? He said His disciples must pick up their cross daily and follow after Him to be His disciples. The word must leaves little room for argument or discussion.

We pick up our cross daily when we get up early in the morning and worship God for sending Jesus to save us. Then out of appreciation we commit to do the "works" that He has prepared for us to do. This is very clear in Ephesians 2:10, my favorite verse. These "works" are the ones that have a testimony attached. When we share Godís goodness and mercy with the lost it can not but further His Kingdom. Isnít this so?

I believe Divine Healing will come automatically to those who abide or live in Jesus. It is the times when we slip away from Him that a dart from the evil one finds us. God permits many things to come to His children who stray. Thank God we have been spared an invasion by a foreign army where we are killed and many are led away captive. If you read the Old Testament you will find that many times God allowed this to happen to his disobedient chosen people.

Do you need His healing right now? If you do, it is imperative that you tell Him exactly and precisely what is troubling you. Of course He knows but your confession is not for Him but for you. Just as the Sword of the Spirit revealed in Ephesians 6 isnít for killing the devil but for severing or cutting away the leaches and parasites lusts of the world from our flesh. We need to recognize that God is requiring us to live for Him and in His Son the Lord Jesus Christ. If you will, Jesus is our ark. Outside of Him is death and separation that can be permanent.

A dear Baptist Pastor told me one time that he didnít buy the "Once saved, always saved!" attitude of some of his fellow pastors. He said, "I chose Jesus and I am free to deny Him too." Then he added, "But I never will." The danger of this concept is that some who are still not born again of the Holy Spirit of God believe it and may remain lost. Please read Matt: 25.

To find out where we are with the Lord we need to check our oil regularly. How much of Godís Holy Spirit is actually within us. Have you ever felt that you are not walking with Jesus? If you have, then you better check the dipstick into your heart and see how much you are PRAISING the Lord. A motor that is running well will sound smooth and strong!

Prayer is so important but without praise it can get mighty dry for us and the Lord. Many years ago I memorized Psalm 100. It has been a constant reminder of how the Lord prefers I come before Him.

"O be joyful in the Lord all ye lands. Serve the Lord with gladness and come before His Presence with a song. Be ye sure it is the Lord Who has made us and not we ourselves. We are His people and the sheep of His pasture. Go ye therefore into His gates with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise. Be thankful unto Him and speak good unto His Name. For the Lord is gracious and His mercy endureth from generation to generation."

As you can see it isnít long and would be a wonderful psalm for you to teach to your children or grandchildren. They need to walk in Godís divine health too, Amen?

Please do not misunderstand this message. There are times when very Godly people will suffer some form of illness that only God Himself can explain to us. I suspect He may be allowing them to suffer so the ones who love them can have their hearts softened for the implantation of the Gospel. I also donít know why children get sick but do know that Jesus is more than willing to heal them too. We must supply the faith for them as they are so little and tender in His sight.

The more of His diving healing you experience the more faith you will have so lets start walking with Jesus and allow His Holy Spirit to get Godís work done through us today. It is hard to work when you are sick. Amen? Maranatha! [Come quickly Lord Jesus.]

In His Service,
Capt Ben Marler

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