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Prayer Points from Dutch Sheets


Dutch Sheets
Dutch Sheets Ministries
Email: ministryinfo@dutchsheets.org

God is leading me to share a report of what I am hearing from Him for America. God has taken the prayer movement to a more decentralized apostolic paradigm; this is allowing more ownership to be taken on local levels. This is as it should be--the purpose of my update will simply be to make you aware of national issues/developments/events, etc. that need our concerted prayer. The question I will address is simply, "What is the Holy Spirit saying to the praying Church of America?"

Prayer Point 1: Baal

Through a season of tremendous warfare in November and December, as well as confirmation from many key leaders, God has exposed the spirit of Baal as one of the strongmen--perhaps the strongman--over America.

Baal-hamon, one of Baal's names, means "the lord of wealth or abundance." Chuck Pierce believes, and I agree, that this is the principality warring against the great transfer of wealth to the Church. You must war against this spirit to see your inheritance released. Claim Jeremiah 51:44 (Bel in this verse is Baal).

Baal-berith, another of his names, means "the lord of the covenant." The Hebrew word baal actually means "husband" or "marriage." This spirit always attempted to cause Israel to "divorce" or break covenant with God and "marry" or align with him. Consistent with this, in so many ways, America has broken covenant with God and married Baal. This is, I believe, the strongman behind most covenant-breaking.

Baal is the strongman behind sexual perversion. Homosexuality was and is one of his big strongholds. I believe all of the sexual sin and perversion in America is, to one degree or another, under Baal's orchestration. You will continue to see God expose leaders in the Church who aligned themselves with this spirit. Pray for the Church to be cleansed and for Baal's hold on America in this area to be broken.

Baal always goes after the next generation, trying to cut off the extension of God's covenantal purposes. He is a violent spirit and even required human sacrifice. Abortion is under Baal, as is the "cutting" of today's young generation (see 1 Kings 18:28), the vampire and goth movement, and the death culture in general that has so invaded America. Baal is leading the fight to avert the great awakening planned for the young generation of Americans today. Pray against and bind these efforts.

Witchcraft and occult spirits in general operate under Baal. So does Jezebel. Pray against this spirit's influence in your area as the Lord leads you. Be wise and discerning, and learn as much as you can about it before you take action. I have barely scratched the surface in this writing.

Prayer Point 2: The Coming Youth Revival

I prophesied in January 2006, that the lid was coming off of the youth movement (teens and 20's) that year. It happened. I recently heard Cindy Jacobs say at least 100 college campuses in America now have 24/7 prayer. Just last week, I heard of three colleges that are experiencing many conversions and baptizing students in campus fountains! I was with my dear friends Karen Wheaton and Damon Thompson in Cleveland, TN, and Hamilton, AL, last week ministering to young people and youth pastors. I have never seen such passion. Karen's ministry, The Ramp, is definitely one of the seeds--maybe the foremost seed--of this awakening. It is incredible.

Also, Lou Engle is resurrecting The Call this year in Nashville, TN, on 07/07/07. This was not an arbitrary date--God gave it to Lou. I heard a prophet in September 2006, who knew nothing about Lou's plans, prophesy to him that 07/07/07 is an important day to God and that God was speaking to him about an important event on that date. The Lord went on to say He was lowering a scepter into the earth on that day.

As I set myself to seek the Lord concerning this date and study Baal because of the warfare I was experiencing, the two issues began to dovetail. I found the number "seven" in most of the passages where Israel was coming out from under this spirit or warring against one of the Canaanite and Baal worshiping tribes. In seeking to understand the significance of this, the Lord reminded me that seven is a covenantal number.

In a covenant ceremony, an offering was repeated seven times or an oath was sworn seven times. The words "oath" and "swear" actually come from the number seven and mean literally "to seven one's self." I believe the Lord revealed to me that on 07/07/07, God is offering America the opportunity to end our covenant/marriage with Baal and re-establish our covenant with God as a nation. I am not implying that the full fruit of this will be seen immediately but that the stronghold can be broken and change will follow. Pray for Lou Engle and this event and if at all possible, be in Nashville with us on 07/07/07. Go to The Call's web site: www.thecall.com for details. We are asking for 100,000 people to come.

Pray concerning this great youth awakening
in general. It will be historical, breaking all records. God is on a mission! He won't be stopped. Nothing is more important to Him at this time.

Prayer Point 3: Government

1) Begin now to pray for the elections of '08. Just when it seems the stakes can't get higher, they do. There are some of the frontrunners running for president who, if they were to win, it would set America back 40 years. We are now coming to the end of a 40-year wilderness cycle that began in the 60's. We cannot afford another. Call forth the purposes of God in 2008.

2) Pray for a completion of what God has begun on the Supreme Court. I sense great lethargy and complacency concerning this at the present time. If we don't get a third "right" Justice onto the bench, we will not cross over into a new season. Winning this war is imperative! Please pick up this assignment again.

3) Pray against terrorism and concerning the situation in the Middle East. It is absolute deception for us to believe radical Islam can be defeated through natural forces only. We must do a better job of picking up this burden. It is one of the callings of our time and a billion souls are hanging in the balance. I sense another shift is coming soon to this region. Please pray for our President, military, advisors, and all who are involved in this. Bind the prince of Persia and Babylon from prevailing.

Praise Report: The state of Virginia has become the first state (according to them) to formally apologize for the sin of slavery and for exploiting Native Americans (as stated at the top of this Elijah List newsletter). This is huge! And it is very timely for the nation as we celebrate the 400-year anniversary of our covenant with God at Plymouth Rock April 29th, of this year. On the 50-State Tour, the Holy Spirit called Virginia the "covenant root of the nation." Can you see how God is preparing the ground for us to re-establish our covenant with Him and break our alliance with Baal?

As you continue to war for your personal regions and territories, please don't forget the nation as a whole. Pray with us. We are winning this war.