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What Is Faith Anyway?

We are somebody, `cause God doesn't make mistakes, and he knew us before we were formed, making us fearfully; just as he created the heavens and earth, he more than likely spoke a word and we were destined to be what we are, even as we are today.

Do you feel that way now?

Do you ever really feel that way?  Remember to Stand firm in faith, resisting Satan and he will flee from you!   Peter 5:9 & James 4:7. 

If you don't have enough power in your life to do this how will you get it?  By reading God's word and gaining true fellowship with Him, Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

The depth of your faith depends on how well you can be sure your beliefs are justified.

The trick leading to establishing a daily faith, or power, in our life is in letting our beliefs, trust, or faith, replace any fear of becoming involved.

God gave us each a little measure of faith, did you know that?   "As God’s messenger, I give each of you this warning: Be honest in your estimate of yourselves, measuring your value by how much faith God has given you." Romans 12:3.

Faith, or grace which is synonymous with faith, is the original gift.

Therefore faith then is first established by God, our building upon the gift then becomes simply believing, believing in the person of God, Christ and the Holy Spirit and finally of each other.

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What Is Faith Anyway?


Robbie L. Rogers

What if you lived in Lebanon or some of the other dangerous places?  How blessed those who live in harms way would feel if they had what we have and lived with our whole life with.  

Peace and security.   We were born with it, our fathers and mothers had it before us, as did generations before that, in most cases. Some of us may at times feel we have little if any security, but in reality, comparing apples to apples, that is us to others without it, we, even those who have the least, generally can see we in this country have it made.

Have you read your Bible, other than in Church?  

Did you learn anything new from God? 

Are you praying for the complete gifts, especially wisdom?


Okay putting that aside, do know what makes the eagle fly?

FAITH ON A HIGHER LEVEL, if you'll excuse the pun. 

Faith in yourself and your teacher, no not me, PUT YOUR FAITH IN GOD; for the older I get -- the more I know how little I know.

Nevertheless, you may have a measured amount of faith in me. Why is that?  Because you know me, or trust that The Gospel Truth Ministry would not allow someone to write on the web page that is not trustworthy.  Not only that but some of you may have a personal relationship with me.  

When you purchase fuel for your automobile, you exercise a great deal of faith. You fully expect when you place the nozzle into the tank opening that the proper fuel, as stated on the pump, will come out.  THE WRITTEN WORD brings much faith into play.  

Furthermore, you trust, or have faith in the automatic shut-off of the gas pump.  Unfortunately, each time we exercise faith we also have a little voice from the wrong side of the track reminding us of the times when faith caused us to be hurt, such as the time when the darn thing didn't work and we ruined a new pair of shoes, or a suit, or whatever, like a bad relationship.

However you continue in faith, releasing the handle, hoping the correct amount is registered on the gauge.

You have faith in the clerk, or at least the cash register's ability to tell them to give you the correct change, although most of us check that fact.

We have faith when we get back into our automobile that it will not only start, but now carry us to our destination, not stalling out in between with a poor quality fuel that fouled our fuel injectors, although we have heard of, or had something similar happen on occasion.

The Lebanese family that comes to mind had to live with much fear.  So much fear, or certainty, that they would not put windows and doors on their home because that would show that someone was living there and an attack would come. They were so accustomed to having the enemy ravage their life they could not muster up enough faith to make a change.

Therefore resist Satan and he will flee, overcome fear with faith!

We don't have to muster up faith, as many once thought, sort of like an apple tree straining trying to product a pear. We are born with a little measure of it, mainly directed toward God, but nevertheless it is always there.

Faith therefore can be thought of as being the shortest distance between two points, the world and the Kingdom of God, it's the only way to the truth, God's truth.

And, faith placed into action is POWER, enough to take the first step, knowing God will supply your needs for the second, and the third, and on and on until you reach your goal, that of mounting with wings like eagles, running without tiring and walking without being weary. Isaiah 40:31

That's a worthy goal isn't it?

What has God said to you recently concerning faith?  Not necessarily the faith that is required in healings, or miracles, but that of everyday living, that's what it's all about in the end isn't it, having your lamps trimmed properly for the wedding feast?

You know Christianity is not really a religion; it's a way of life. We make it part of our religion, our worship of God on Sunday. But the real crux of what Christ came to teach us was how to live that we might fly.

The scripture says, the righteous man lives by faith, Romans 1:17. How can we ever become victorious if we don't have the power to overcome obstacles in our daily life, and such power comes directly from our internal generator, faith -- faith in God.

When you plug in an electrical appliance you have faith in the power behind the wall plug, not the plug itself, all you have to do is unleash it with a need.

That's what the power of God is like.

If we plug into that faith power we can be assured our faith will grow in direct proportions along with our blessings, for the generator increases each time, until reaching the required level.

If we use the power correctly the task set before us will be done. Nevertheless, we all have felt the sting of using electricity wrong, it's a shocking experience isn't it?  To find out, while you believed you were doing the will of God, you were not. Getting zapped or blowing a fuse on a short circuit is not a happy experience, but such is life is it not?.

God wants us to follow His marching orders not our own.  Still, He gives us an ample supply of slow-blow fuses through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, knowing our true nature.

We are taught that whatever is not from faith is sin, Romans 14:23. And, about not having faith in man's ways, but rather God's.

This is not to say we should not have faith in each other, for without faith there can be no love. We simply must place God first in our lives, having the supreme or highest faith in His direction.

Please remember your blessings will come in direct proportions to your faith in God, so building your faith certainly behooves you.

Jeremiah 17:5-8 says, Cursed is the man who trusts in mankind...Blessed is the man who trust in God.



As Romans 4:13-23 says. Abraham was justified by faith, not the miracle kind, but the everyday walking around faith. He was OLD, even for his time and his wife was well past all possible child bearing age, never having had children in the first place. Abraham heard God, having enough faith to leave his established home, taking all he possessed, and traveling across many miles through an unknown territory without knowing where he was going until God said stop.

This is daily walking personified, and as it says further in the 23rd verse, those words were written for us also. Even though we often feel our deeds are dead, faith can bring them alive again, and it to shall be credited to you to be reckoned righteous by God.

How do you enter church?

Are you prepared properly?

Do you expect God to bestow great and hidden mysteries to you, provide for your needs?

How do you go to the alter rail?

Do you fully expect to meet God there?

Do you realize Jesus Christ has said he will not lose you, and that the Holy Spirit is beside you and in you?

Smile when you leave communion, you have just been fed by God, though the Holy Mysteries; you were in direct communion with God through Christ.

Let your face know it! And by all means show your faithfulness during the coming week by having complete faith in God no mater what the circumstances. 

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