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 Yes, God Heals Today!

Frederick Duncanson MD

My whole introduction to the healing ministry started when I was an intern at Mount Sinai Hospital in New City where I witnessed a woman with metastatic breast carcinoma who had failed radiation and chemotherapy, healed as the result of the consistent, fervent, prayer of a prayer team from another denomination who came daily to pray for her healing. 

Here was a woman that Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City had given up on and placed in one of the back rooms for palliative care who was healed through the power of the Holy Spirit. It was documented in her chart as an unexplained spontaneous remission; otherwise known as the power of God.

I have prayed for a woman with a 3 cm diameter rock hard breast cancer, a man with extensive lung cancer and people with many diseases and I have personally witnessed and clinically documented many healing miracles performed by the Lord Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit.

My wife had bilateral avascular necrosis of the hips, was on a progressive downhill course of increasing pain and decreasing mobility. She was on narcotic analgesics and on progressively higher doses of them. She was about to be operated on and the Lord set her free as the result of the Lord Jesus Christ healing her. She has been pain free for 4 years, walks as well as anyone and testifies of how the Lord Jesus Christ healed her and set her free. X-rays and rheumatologist follow-up show stabilization of a disease whose natural history is one of progressive deterioration.

Our church, St. Michael's in Wayne, NJ prays for people every Sunday and the Lord Jesus Christ heals many of them. I have sent several manuscripts to several medical journals telling of some of the more miraculous healings I have seen but each time I send them, I get the standard reply back that there is no space for these articles.

I have been involved in praying for healing for almost 15 years now and I there have been so many people healed by the Lord Jesus Christ, I couldn't even count them all. None of it is from me and few have had any clinical medical interventions--it has all been by the power of God. The scientific medical community has been skeptical but even now they are starting to look into the healing power of prayer. I would recommend Healing Prayer by Reginald Cherry, M.D. which lists several references on healing. Also the Order of St. Luke founded by Fr.Banks in St. Stephen's Philadelphia, PA--[B.R.] before revisionism) has many reports of healings.

Things of faith aren't readily explained scientifically--does that make them any the less real? Even if they aren't explained, if they give glory to Jesus Christ, isn't that alone a blessing? There also appears to be a remarkable coincidence of people praying and healing happening.

I think the problem more often than not is the problem that Jesus had when he dealt with people in his own hometown wherein it is said not many miracles were done there because of their unbelief.

I am convinced Jesus heals today!