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Capt. Ben Marler

Many say they are alive but in truth they are already dead even though they still walk about. Does this describe you? Is your heart sick over all that we see on TV or read in the newspapers? The penalty for reaching this point is you can make yourself susceptible to drug or alcohol use. Then you are on your way down to defeat and perhaps utter destruction.

What is the answer? Simply establish a relationship with Jesus Christ the Lord of Life. He loves you and desires you. You could not be more precious to Him than right now. Yes, you have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God like the rest of us. I met some in a jail ministry that would make you at your worst look like a choir boy in comparison.
A few days ago I received a phone call from the “ponytail bandit”. This man made it a habit of robbing the 7/11 stores in our area years ago. He told me that he served his three years in prison and came out to begin a new life. He told me that many of the things I said to him at the jail stayed with him and brought him into a relationship with Jesus. He also said he has thought of me and John Moore my partner many times through the years.
He told me that he now has a wonderful family. He also sent me an email with a picture of his son, a definite “keeper”. This man went from a lifestyle leading to death to the assurance that God gives to those who have received Jesus Christ into their lives. He sound so good on the phone I told my wife he could be a radio announcer. Instead he has a fine job with a major company in the Tampa area. Isn’t the Lord good?
God is always good and will be good to you or anyone who will come to Him with a repentant heart. We can’t walk in His light and still have a life style of sinning daily. To think we can only makes us more guilty in His sight. Adam and Eve looked for a hiding place when they found themselves guilty of disobedience. You and I will too if we live like that. So, decide today you want the new life that He offers and give yourselves to Jesus.
Jesus is the Only Way to eternal life. All the religions in the world are just that religions. Not one can establish you as a son or daughter to God. There isn’t a denomination that can do it either. Some are very good at bringing the Gospel to the lost. Many are not and will be judged for it. When you give yourself to the Lord please ask the Holy Spirit to lead you to a pastor and congregation that fears God and lives in the life of Jesus.
Aren’t you tired of living in depression and despair? Today is your day so take it and join the family of God. He is there with you now. Cry out to Jesus to save you and you will find the peace that passes all understanding, no fear of death or judgment. Glory Hallelujah!

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