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True Stories

Do you have an exciting true to life story to tell?  A story that brought miraculous changes to you and those around you.  If so please send it to webmaster@thegospeltruthministry.com and we will include your story in this new section.  In doing so you might change someone thousands of miles away or just around the corner.  

Many people come to our website each month.  Maybe, just maybe one of them is looking for your story to bring them closer to the Living God through Christ and Holy Spirit; of whom, we are eternally grateful that He not only saves us but includes us in His family, making us His own sons and daughters, giving us the right to call out Abba, Father.

The stories you read in this section are true, not cute stories from the figment of someone's mind.  When you read these stories, insert yourself in the person's place.  

Please do not think these people are any more special to God than you; or that He involved Himself in their life because He loved them more than You.  That is a lie that Satan and the world's wisdom tries to perpetrate on unsuspecting people.  

God loves you just as you are, helping you to change into what you are to be.  Let these stories lead you on, and give you hope and faith in an eternal God who is willing to run after you, or give you the freedom to runaway from Him. 

Choose life!  Run after Him!

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