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Why Should We Tell Others? 

There’s a million reasons... here are three.

The First reason as to why we should testify... it is a commandment from Jesus. GO appears in the Bible 1,514 times, 233 times in the New Testament, and 54 times in Matthew alone.

The second reason we should tell others is basic... people desperately need to hear the good news of Jesus Christ.

Third reason to testify about a life with Christ, we should feel a need to pass it on. God made us that way. When we hear good news we want to share it... sometimes for the wrong reasons... yet it is a natural desire... to share what we know and they don’t. 

Like when your first child was born, you make the first two calls and it’s news but good news spreads so fast that when you call the third person they sometimes already know.

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Why Should I Tell Others? 

Robbie L. Rogers


Contrary to popular belief, our faith isn’t a private matter.

We are perfectly willing to stand up and make a fool of ourselves at a football game, yelling and jumping up and down when our team did something great?

Well I want to ask you similar question. When you went to such a great game and your team won... do you remember how great you felt when you left the stadium... do you feel that when you leave church... ask God why not? You should feel some of that same exuberance... ready to go out and tell the world, or anybody that will listen, what a great thing that happened in your church... in your life... how excited you are.

If not ask God why are you so willing to share about the great game but not about your church... or Christ in your life... or your family’s life.  Think about it.. what good is your religion unless it makes a different?

A preacher and a soap-maker went for a walk. The soap-maker said, "What good is religion? Look at all the trouble and misery of the world! It’s still there, even after thousands of years. In spite of all the teaching about goodness, truth and peace. After all the prayers, sermons and teachings. If religion is good and true, why should this be?"

They continued walking while the preacher pondered the right words to say, wanting to help his friend. He noticed a child playing in the gutter, then said, "Look at that child. You say that soap makes people clean, but see the dirt on that youngster. Of what good is soap? With all the soap in the world, over all these years, the child is still filthy. I wonder how effective soap is after all!"

The soap-maker protested. "But, pastor, soap cannot do any good unless it is used!"

"Exactly," replied the pastor. "Exactly!"

Jesus tells us to Go to the lost sheep...; He tells us to go and tell...;Go and invite all you meet...; Go and make disciples... In fact turn to Jesus’ last words in Matthew 28:18-20. "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age."

We are all called to live an exemplary life, so that others will ask why we have the hope... the faith in us. But, did you realize we were all led to Christ by someone. Whether they played a major part in our actual conversion or not, they played an integral part. Plus, many, many unknown people planted seeds in our life along the way.

The real truth is someone witnessed to you or you wouldn’t be here now. Don’t we owe the same to others?  We didn’t just wander into the church and say... "can you save me brother?"

Religion won’t do it. The building programs won’t do it.

The preacher can’t do it. Though the pastor, hymns, building and religion can carry you along the way, somewhere in the past, your starting point, God placed someone in your path. Someone who made the difference you needed at the time. A willing seed spreader. That’s what we’re called to do... spread seeds

Let’s play some what if games... I’ll tell you a couple of stories. You say what if they were real. What if they really apply to me... to my life? 

Okay... What if you were traveling with a bunch of people and found yourself in the middle of the Sahara Desert without water. Needing water to survive, each of you struck out in different directions to find it.

You just happened to wander into an oasis and fell upon the cool water, drinking deeply until satisfied. It would be extremely selfish if you did not return swiftly and show the others the way to get their thirst satisfied too.

Wouldn’t it?  Jesus, the Living Water, is the only way to satisfy a spiritually thirsty heart. Have you been a willing guide to take the message out to the world. How about your friends? Your family?

What good is having something great, unless you can share it with others. Usually when something great happens in our life, the first thing we want to do is to share what happened to those closest to us, our loved ones, our friends... why aren’t we willing to do the same with the greatest treasure we can ever find?

People are starving for the truth. Without Christ’s influence in our life we feel empty. Our spirituality has been wiped out by many different aspects of life. We don’t know how to express ourselves and so we attempt to fill the void with drugs, alcohol, sex and money. It doesn’t work... does it We’ve seen the truthWe should be willing to shout it out... come all you who are thirsty come and drink of the well that will not only quench your thirst, but give you eternal life and blessings untold here and now.

Okay... another what if story... What if you heard of a fabulously wealthy and powerful person giving away say... $10 million to anyone who would join his exclusive group. All you have to do is accept certain rules to live by... and all the rules would be good for you.

Eventually you would get to move to a great and magnificent new city filled with eternal light, and streets paved with gold and jewels.

Until then all you have to do is try to obey the rules until the wealthy man sends his son to judge whether or not you did a good job, then you’d get your $10 million. It’s in the form of an inheritance.

"Hey, you mean, I join this club, follow all those rules, but I don't get my money unless some big brass looks me over to see if I qualify? What a bummer."

Yeah, but wait till you get a load of the great benefits. You join now and receive all the rights and privileges as though you were already judged worthy. The club allows you to speak to the highest authority, who incidentally knows everything about you and your needs, even your thoughts, and best yet he loves you like a father.

Furthermore, you can contact him day or night, no matter where you might be in the world. Through an exclusive toll-free communication network, setup for the club members, you get the best tailor-made advice available about anything you need to know. "Hey, that's a pretty good deal; but, just when do I get my money?"

Wait that's not all, not only can you call on him anytime you have a problem, but they'll send a special emissary or even a whole army on your behalf, if they think you need it. another great benefit, the entire club membership will accept you like you’re part of the family... or they'll just be a friend if that’s all you want.

"That's the best club I've ever heard of, but I'm not sure I'm ready to follow a whole bunch of rules.  How much would it cost if I just went ahead and paid the dues so I could get benefits, and I'll think about the other for awhile.  I'm pretty smart, I'm sure I can find out when the big guy is coming so I can get ready, that way I won't have to follow the rules and still get my $10 million."

Sorry, it doesn't work that way.  You can't buy a membership, and there's no way you can know when he is coming, not even the big guy's son knows that.

"What do you mean? What kind of club is this anyhow?"

Tell you what, you seem like a nice person, why don't you go to one of the meetings, you'll be glad you did. They have a lot of fun singing special songs. It makes you feel great. You’ll probably even look at things differently when you leave. Everybody in the club are good people... just like you. You might even join on the spot.

What would you do? Would you go to such a meeting... to check it out? Would you join? Would you attend all the meetings and support the organization? Would  you be a member of good standing? Would you tell others?

If we appreciate the good news of the Gospel we should be bursting to tell others... how about you?

"Okay, you got me... how do we go about telling others," you say?

That’s why I shared the two stories with you, about the Great Club and Finding the Oasis. It can give you some ideas... But first, we want to warn you about two of the dangers of telling others.

First, insensitivity, that of being so excited that you want to tell everyone to follow suit, blurting out the words without planing or letting Holy Spirit have His way. There was a term that was used by many when Holy Spirit began to move here; it became a popular phrase, "Don’t pull me down your well."

You’ve seen cartoons where people get hit over the head with a Bible...they resent it. Remember that picture... it’ll keep you from making a similar mistake.

You must be sensitive of the needs of others... where they are... listen to what they are saying. Let Holy Spirit give you both the words and insight of how to help the person before you speak.. he will gladly lead you, providing what they need not what you want them to have.

Above all remember you are only a seed spreader; only God can grow the seeds sown. Don’t take it personally if it seems you failed. You are spreading God’s word and it will not go out void, without accomplishing its task.

To find out what it means to be a Christian read, mark, study and inwardly digest Romans 5-8, 12, 13 and 15.

If we charge around like a bull in a china shop sooner or later we will get hurt. When we get hurt we withdraw, accepting the position of fear, the second danger of being God’s witness.

Remember what I said most fear was: False Events Appearing Real. To avoid these two dangers, insensitivity and fear we need to discover how to share and what to do if they accept your invitation. Sharing comes quite naturally if it springs from your experiences.

Remember your prayer journal, it will help you recall the things you need. I know when giving a teaching if you don’t take notes in only 72 hours, you will have forgotten 90-95% of it. In 72 hours we forget 70% of what we read and 50% of what we hear and read, yet we forget only 10% of what we hear, read and do.

Develop a discipline note taking habit in your prayer journal. I asked the book store to try to find what is called "The 2959 Plan," a guide to communion with God... I will help you develop a positive approach to a powerful prayer life. I strongly suggest you find one and use it fervently.

Let’s talk about five headings to help you develop your testimony: presence, persuasion, proclamation, power and prayer.

Turn to Matthew 5:13-16: "You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt has become tasteless, how will it be made salty again? It is good for nothing, except to be thrown out and trampled under foot by men. You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do men light a lamp and put it under a peck-measure, but on a lampstand; and it gives light to all who are in the house. Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in heaven."

First of the headings, Jesus Himself calls us to establish His Presence with a wide variety of influences, in the world, neighborhoods, and families, never withdrawing into religious clicks or communities that have no bearing on what is happening in the world.

Salt was used to prevent decay in earlier days, and as many of us in Destin know, it will keep fish edible for a long time. Yet salt like religion must be used or else it is literally useless.

We are called to teach society, not condemn it, Holy Spirit convicts to bring about healings not division. Satan condemns to destroy... do not condemn.

We are called to get involved. If we speak out about the decay of moral standards we must also offer the way of changing it, the reason for our personal testimony.

Jesus says, we are called to be lightsWe at The Gospel Truth Ministry know about being a lighthouse. But what about each of us? Jesus says we become this light by doing good deeds. At work people notice whether we display a continuity of genuine love and concern towards them.

The things Christians say and do are heavily scrutinized. They watch our honesty, truthfulness, hard work, reliability, or our lack of the same or gossip or backbiting criticisms. Even our driving habits, and what we do when they salute with hand gesture. Let there be no mistake, we influence hundreds of lives without a word being spoken.

Are you a good influence, or a closet Christian, waiting bashfully to discover what the other person thinks before venturing a word that might disclose what you stand for?

On-the-other-hand don’t be so heavenly minded that you’re no earthy good. There’s a balance, yet be who God is calling you to be.

During the early stages of the Holy Spirit’s movement often we had a priest who didn’t understand what all the hullabaloo was all about. He especially didn’t want to be pulled down the well.

He pictured a dark and foreboding place... the well that is... while we knew it for what it was... a great and glorious living stream of water. Some people had a vision of a black priest... an evil one... this I can not say... yet he left abruptly saying he could not abide in the direction we were going. It was too much to ask he said. I do not know where he is now... he was a nice man... maybe an honest man, and to many a good priest. He would have been appalled at our position. Believing as it always has... that the Bible stands as the only true way to God and His many blessings.

Why do I say these things? Be who God has called you to be... and do it well!  Ephesians 4:11-12: "And He gave some as apostles, and some as prophets, and some as evangelists, and some as pastors and teachers for the equipping of the saints for the work of service, to the building up of the body of Christ."

Live out your Christian life in the most appropriate way God leads you to, that you may bring those assigned to you to the Lord.

We are not all called to be a Mother Teresa... only that we should play the part He gives us... if we do this we serve God, no greater, or no less than she did. Turn to 1 Peter 3:10-15: "Let him who means to love life and see good days refrain his tongue from evil and his lips from speaking guile. Let him turn away from evil and do good; let him seek peace and pursue it. For the eyes of the Lord are upon the righteous and His ears attend to their prayer, but the face of the Lord is against those who do evil. And, who is there to harm you if you prove zealous for what is good? But even if you should suffer for the sake of righteousness, you are blessed. And do not fear their intimidation, and do not be troubled, but sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always ready to make defense to every one who asks you to give an account for the hope that is within you, yet in gentleness and reverence."

Second, use Persuasion in your testimony. That doesn’t mean to argue with anyone, far from it, you will drive away more in arguing than you ever will by listening and in all gentleness ministering to the needs of others.

Millions of people have objections to Christianity. Often questions come up about all the rules and the confusion between different denominations. Work out the answers to common questions so you are prepared.

If they ask specific questions that you truly know the answer to, do so. But avoid direct confrontation unless so directed by Holy Spirit, lest you do more damage than good. Every mature Christian has horror stories about trying to argue someone into the Kingdom of God. It usually is not what God wants us to be about.

Order the Book "Searching Issues" and "Questions of Life" from the book store, both are written by Nicky Gumbel from ALPHA. They are full of excellent information you might use when sharing Christ. Still, no book will spell out all the questions precisely, you must apply your life experiences before you can generally be effective in witnessing to others.

Third, make a public Proclamation, put them and yourself on notice..."Come and you will see," communicating the good news to those outside the faith. Invite others to join you in worship, a fellowship meeting, Bible study. If you are a new Christian sometimes this is the most effective way, yet always inject your own personal testimony regardless to how new you are to the Lord. It will have the most impact. There is no greater joy than helping someone find Christ in their life.  

Have you ever heard of Albert McMakin?  Didn’t think so, yet it was he who was instrumental in bring literally hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life across the globe.

"What did he do," you say?

Albert was a nondescript 24 year old farmer who found Christ and was so enthusiastic that he filled his truck with people and took them to a meeting about Jesus.

The year was 1934.

There was one young man that Albert especially wanted to go, yet the young man was more interested in girls, falling in and out of love as fast as he met them.

Finally Albert asked him to drive the truck for him, suggesting he bring along several of his girl friends and they could use the truck during the meeting.

To the young man’s chagrin his girl friends wanted to go to the meeting. Reluctantly he went too, he had nothing else to do. However, during the meeting he became spellbound and found himself having thoughts he never had before. He volunteered to drive Albert’s truck again, and again, until one night he too went forward to give his life to Christ.

"I don’t get it," you say. "How was it that Albert was instrumental in bringing hundreds of thousands to Christ?"

The young friend Albert McMakin invited was non other than Billy Graham. We can’t all be like Billy Graham. Yet, we can all be like Albert Makin, and bring our friends to Jesus.  

If you are able memorize or desire to use the tried and true, "Romans Road" is a storehouse to help you lead someone to Christ. Write these scriptures references down, using them in the order given: Romans 3:10, 23; 5:12, 8; 6:23; 10:13; 10:9-10; and Revelations 3:20.

Need more, read Acts 26, Paul gives his testimony to King Agrippa. Study it, pattern your testimony likewise, using it as an outline. Tell a story of what happened to you... when God met a need that was critical, a healing, a joy, a triumph, something you feel Holy Spirit has reminded you of when you are sharing Christ to someone.

The Fourth element to remember in developing your testimony is, Power. Display the power of the Gospel. Tell how through prayer, through the gifts of the spirit, through the changes He made in your life... you have changed.

If we search we see a lot of God’s power displayed... at many churches little is seen. Invite people to come and see, talk about what is happening here. Let them know God is the same today as He was yesterday.

The fifth and final element is one of the most important, Prayer. Tell them how much prayer means to you, how you pray for others, for yourself, your family, the nation, the church, your pastor, your company, your job... let it be known what prayer has done in your life. How it works, God truly listens. Not always the way we want, yet, He is always there in our hour of need. Describe what it means to you personally.

Pray in the spirit while you are witnessing or giving your testimony, allowing Him to interject things from your past, scripture, things you are amazed you say as you say them, things that come from a region deep within your soul.

Prayer is the most important element, don’t forget it... if you do you will recognize what you have done when you walk away. A testimony, or witness, from the flesh is mostly flat and ineffective.

Pray... Pray... Pray. Most of us find people were praying for us when we didn’t know it.  A member of the family, a friend, someone was praying, that our eyes might be opened, that we might see the truth, that we might be saved.  I have asked you several times to start a prayer journal. While it is true many Christians do not have one and I myself have not always written in it like I should, I have since about 1967 kept one in one form or another; in it I have an untold wealth of recorded answers to prayers, of revelations from God. During times I felt so low, not knowing how God could possibly change the circumstances or the hearts that were involved... it gives me comfort to no end to look back on such writings, to see how God met mine and my family’s needs.

It is vital that we persevere in telling others of God’s: Presence, persuasion, proclamation, power, and prayer in our life and the many, many people we touch.

Finally turn to Galations 6:7-9: "Do not be deceived, God will not be mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap. For the one who sows to his own flesh shall from the flesh reap corruption, but the one who sows to the Spirit shall from the Spirit reap eternal life. And let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we shall reap if we do not grow weary."


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