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ETERNAL LIFE is intimate fellowship with Almighty God through faith in Jesus Christ His Only Begotten Son. There is no other way! Anyone who refuses to trust Jesus and His work on Calvary in their behalf will not spend eternity with God in Heaven. Period!

Conversely, the opposite is also eternal, this is to exist eternally in a place with a complete absence of God, commonly called Hell.  

As always, the choice is ours, heaven or hell, good or evil.  Where will you spend your eternity?

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Capt. Ben Marler, Jr. 


Most folks have little understanding of ETERNAL LIFE, as most have never read the Bible. If you want to know what God is going to do all you have to do is read it. Of course it must be read prayerfully as it is SPIRIT and must be SPIRITUALLY discerned. We are truly blessed, as the Holy Spirit is right here with us to assist us not only understand God’s Word but also come to know Him in Jesus.

As a matter of fact, refusing God’s offer of ETERNAL LIFE is a horrible insult to Him. For Him to offer it to you and me He had to send Jesus to die in our place. Every sin committed by us or would be committed in the future was placed on Jesus as He hung on the cross. For six terrible hours He endured the cross for each person ever to born on the Earth. Just think about that for a moment, He was completely innocent. He never committed a sin in the 33 years He lived on the Earth in the flesh. He willingly accepted our punishment and shame. Our sins made Jesus so ugly God had to turn His back. When Jesus cried out, “My God My God why has thou forsaken Me”, He looked back upon Him. If you want to know what you are worth to God, dwell on this for a moment.

Do you now see why it is important you don’t waste another second giving yourself to Jesus? If you die without Him you will sure live in a place Jesus said was prepared for the devil and his fallen angels. Is this where you want to go? If you do, then disregard this message or any other the Lord should reveal to you. One thing for sure, our souls and spirits will never die. They are connected and will go to one place or another. Thank God He allows us to choose which one.

If you choose to give your life to Jesus you will live in a city called the New Jerusalem. It is already built and its dimensions are 1500 miles cubed. The Bible also tells us it has a wall around it 216 feet high. In the wall are 12 gates each one is made of a single pearl, three on each side. 

The streets are paved in clear gold. Since the Lord is there, no sun or moon is needed to provide light. We shall live in perfect bodies that are 30 years old in appearance. “We shall be as He is” is another promise from the Bible. You will never hunger or thirst again. Each day will be filled with the love of our God and unlimited opportunities to explore the universe. We won’t need any hardware to do either! ETERNAL LIFE IS FILLED WITH JOY AND HAPPINESS.

On the other hand, Jesus said Hell was a place so miserable the rich man sent there cried out to Father Abraham and asked that the poor beggar Lazarus might come and put cool water upon his lips as he was in such torment. This account alone should put any sensible man on his knees in a heartbeat. This is how long it will take him to get there if he doesn’t have Jesus. What will you say to God on the day you meet Him? He will surely ask everyone, “what did you do with My Son Jesus?” He already knows but you and I will be compelled to testify before all creation that we either accepted Him as our Lord and Savior or we rejected Him. Believe me, there will be no lawyers there to argue your case. It is a done deal! If you want to receive God’s mercy, ask now!

One of the exciting things the Bible teaches is the fact that the day you open your life to Jesus you receive ETERNAL LIFE immediately. God is not going back on His offer. Should we not then accept it and keep our mouths filled with praise and adoration for Him? The Bible also tells us God is enthroned upon the praises of His people. If you feel like you need Him, start praising Him from your heart and HE WILL SHOW UP for you.

There is a big picture the Holy Bible will reveal to you if you will read it. This begins with the creation, then the fall of man, God’s promise to Abram. The exodus from Egypt led by Moses. The law, blood sacrifice and mercy seat that foreshadowed the coming of Jesus. The history of the Jews in the Promised Land. The virgin birth of JESUS and His ministry and life. 

His sacrifice on the cross. His resurrection. The birth of the Church. It’s spread over all the Earth. The promises that are yet to be seen as revealed in the gospel, epistles and the book of Revelation and much more. God wants you to know all of this and even much more.

Please let me hear from you as you give your life to Jesus. Don’t listen to the devil’s lies anymore. Tell Satan “God loves me with His agape love and proved it when He sent Jesus to die on the cross for me”. “I resist you devil and you must flee from me.” Tell God how happy you are to be one of His adopted sons or daughters. Use Ephesians 2:10 as the basis for a daily commitment prayer each morning. Read God’s Word daily. [I use the Amplified Bible] Prepare yourself to go up. One day you and I will “be there”! Praise God! because our God is Faithful.


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