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Home Up Heaven? Road to Heaven Heaven & Hell


Capt. Ben Marler

Did you know that half of the Christians will be rejected by Jesus? I bet you didnít and wouldnít know where to find out this critical bit of information, read Matthew 25. If you want to miss going to Hell, a place made for the devil and his unholy, unclean angels, you should read this short account of what I believe God requires for anyone to live with Him.

Not interested? You arenít the only one, but just remember, your fate is in your hands and no one else's. The greatest lie ever told is, "Believe in Jesus and you will be saved". This is like some one giving you a check for a million dollars on an account that has billions except they didnít sign it. In other words the check is almost right except for the one thing that makes it good. You need to hear what He requires to join His family.

God doesnít want His heaven filled with a bunch of folks who are loafers who never fell in love with his Son. We are being formed into the Bride of Christ which He will wed one day. He doesnít want an unfaithful and uncaring bride and is in the position to dictate who she will be and how she will be.

I can guarantee you that God made Heaven for you and the rest of mankind. He would not have allowed you to be born otherwise. Jesus came to save sinners. That includes every single person ever born. Sadly, only a few will hear the preaching of the Gospel where we can come under conviction of our sinfulness. When we gaze upon Jesus hanging six hours in our place on a cross it should do no less than make you feel remorse. Since there is little preaching on the cross many have adopted an attitude that Christianity is a religion.

The world is full of religions, take your pick. Jesus said that He was the door, the only one, that leads to eternal life. If you or anyone wants to argue with Him go ahead but you will pay the price for it. The Bible tells us clearly that God is not mocked. Do you understand that the One who made everything has a right to run His Own universe? If you want to discount the validity of the Holy Bible being the Word of God written, I shudder for you.

Lets clearly understand that no matter what you have done in your life Jesus paid for it while shedding His Blood. And only His Blood can remove sin. Any sin even the tinniest is enough to cause God to toss you into Hell.

I have been an evangelist for over 30 years now and I can tell you it is time to make your decision today. Go to God in prayer and tell Him you want to see Jesus dying for you. Tell Him you want the scene of Him suffering etched in your heart and mind forever. Tell Him how sorry you are only after experiencing the answer to this prayer.

When you ask Him to forgive you, expect Him to do it. God always keeps His promises, for good and for bad. Please never forget this. Then do what I didnít do for over 30 years. Humbly invite Jesus Christ to come and live with in your heart to be both Lord and Savior. Again, expect Him to come. In my case I wept more tears in 10 minutes that day than in all the previous 30 years combined. The instant He came within me I felt the release from all the bondage that Satan had placed upon me. I felt free for the first time in my life.

That night the Holy Spirit came upon me as I lay in bed. From that day until this one I want others to experience the Joy of salvation. A billion people could not make me believe that I am not going to Heaven one day. God promised to remove the record of my sins from "The Books" where all sins are recorded. He tossed their erasures away as far as "East is from the West", Praise God! Then He had my name inscribed in the "Book of Life". This is where I want Him to place your name today. Will you let Him?

If you do, please ask God to keep you from becoming religious. Ask Him to change you more and more in the image of His Son, Jesus. If you will read the four Gospels, four times, one after the other you will begin to see a clear picture of the One Who died for you and me.

He is our hero. No one on Earth should ever be considered equal to Him or even compared to Him. It is He and He alone who will rule in the New Jerusalem on the newly created Earth. This planet will be history before long. The new one will be like the Garden of Eden in purity and peace. We will live in His very Presence. Glory! What you and I will do there for ever is directly related to our obedience here. Matthew 25 should make it clear that God has "stuff" for us to do. Jesus also had an agenda given Him by the Father. The fact He did it all perfectly God has given Him a Name above every name.

The scriptures tell us that all those on the Earth, under the Earth, and above the Earth will one day fall down at His feet and proclaim Him Lord to the glory of God the Father. I have already made my choice and do this now. I can testify that God will accept anyone as He proved it by accepting someone as bad as me. In a jail ministry I saw Him take some even worse than me.

What is holding you back? Go now to God and ask to spend some time under the cross where you can see Jesus dying for you. If you put it off today, you may never do it. If you donít then you and Satan can really get to know each other standing in fire. Jesus came to prevent that from happening. He is God, Emmanuel, He is Love, the real kind called Agape. Let Him agape you today. Please tell me about it so I can add you to my prayers. If you want more help let me know.