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The Fortress of Deceit, Evolution

Rudy Cegielski

     "The weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh, but divinely powerful for the destruction of fortresses, we are destroying speculations and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God.......( 2 Cor 4-5)  And; "through knowledge the righteous will be delivered"  (Pro 11-9)

    The key words I wish to emphasize in these scriptures are "Fortresses" and "Knowledge."

What are fortresses?  I suggest they are evil concepts, and compromises that water down God's Word.  Why do we need knowledge?  And more so what kind?  Knowledge of the world, or knowledge of God's way.

    Three major "fortresses" today are abortion, homosexuality, and evolution.   Today I will center on the issue of Evolution.  The church has been besieged by the media, our scientific establishment, and our public education system as to the credibility and truth of evolution. 

    Because of the scientific language, and complexity from every major scientific field, the church, in the past, has been reluctant to counter this fortress. 

    We have been complacent.  We compromise, and even try to fit Christian truth into "so-called scientific facts." Or we simply avoid the issue.   We have been taught, and our children, and grandchildren are being taught on Sunday mornings that God created the universe in six days.  But five days a week, we are being told that is a myth............

    We have succumbed, even with church leaders over the ages that God's word is based on faith, and science is based on facts.  Faith and facts are not mutually exclusive

As a Christian, I am convinced that Jesus resurrected from the dead; But, because of our lack of knowledge, we have little conviction that God created the universe in six literal days. Why? Because this fortress has made such an impact on our life over the years. 

    We sit in our comfortable buildings, memorizing chapter and verses of the Bible, concerned about church growth, and being entertained.  But, we the saints, are not being equipped, to combat this fortress.  It is like the scripture, that states," Resist the devil and he will flee."  But, we interpret that to say, "Ignore, the devil and he will flee"........

    This fortress will not go away, we must fight it, and we can with knowledge.  It is not enough to say in the church, that God made man, but in the world we accept that we may have come from some primeval swamp by accident, and evolved from monkeys. As scripture states, We cannot be double-minded!  

    So what do we do?   We gain knowledge.  We besiege our church leaders to bring in Christian scientists to teach us, to simplify the scientific language, and educate us to the conspiracy of evolution.  We teach our children, and grandchildren likewise. 

    Otherwise, this fortress (of deceit) will stand......... 

 Note: The author of this article is a retired USAF officer who has been in R&D for many years, and has taught courses at a local college on Creationism versus Evolution.