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What Does the Bible Have To Say About Sex?    

Scriptures teach us, “what a man sows is what he will reap.” This is extremely true when we are speaking of sexual impurity. God is never mocked. He created us in His Own Image so that we could be like Him. We should always think of Him as Pure and Holy. He even said, “My people shall be Holy even as I AM a Holy God.”

God’s intentions are always the highest. When He gave men and women sexual desires it was in order to continue creation, or procreation. He told Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply. The “good feelings” associated with the sexual union between a man and his wife were a gift of God. It never was to be used for self-gratification. This probably best explains fornication; there is no true commitment and enduring love associated with this act that God hates. Satan knows how much He hates it and how vulnerable mankind is to such sin and lures millions everyday to this great sin which has many implications.

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What About Sex?

Capt. Ben Marler, Jr. 

Why does God say NO to any sexual acts outside of Holy Matrimony? Well, first of all the chance of a man imparting his seed into a woman or girl is not only possible but also probable. If this occurs then the sin becomes greater. If the pregnancy is violently ended in abortion God is incensed. This child, who did not ask to be born, is being denied his or her chance to live. Satan has won this battle.

It should be pointed out if the child is allowed to live; it is not stained by this sin. It is born a sinner like all of us but he or she is not guilty of being born. We should treat all children the same regardless of how they got here. All of them are precious to the Lord even as are their errant parents. GOD LOVES EVERYBODY ALL THE TIME! Never forget this please. HE IS LOVE.

If the child is allowed to live, the daddy is responsible for it until it is grown. Now I know many have neglected to care for their children born out of wedlock but God knows all about it and will demand justice for them sooner or later. So, a man is at terrible risk when he is lured by Satan to lust after someone who is not his wife. God has allowed many to become infected with horrible diseases while satisfying their lust. The most terrible of all is AIDS. If there is anything good about AIDS it would be the time given for the sinner to recognize his folly and repent before God and be saved while they slowly die. Yes, God loves the ones with AIDS (regardless of how they became infected) and is willing to extend Amazing Grace to them too.

Some of the other infections are so terrible that they scar and in some cases make it impossible to father children after one meets the woman of his dreams. He has, in many cases, destroyed his ability to have a family unless he and his wife are able to adopt a child or children. Sometimes the courts will catch up with a man who has brought a child into the world and deserted it. This financial penalty wills always a burden to carry. It is especially hurtful while trying to care for his family later in life when he marries. HE SHOULD TAKE CARE OF HIS PRODIGY REGARDLESS!

What about the woman or girl involved in promiscuity. She has much more to lose and should always remember that any man who wants her outside of marriage is selfish and uncaring for her or her intimate feelings. All he wants is to satisfy the sexual lust that is driving him. He will say or do anything to cause her to submit. Once he is through many will treat their partner as trash. If women or girls knew what men said about them later they would be incensed. They say things like “how easy she was” or she was a “good lay”. Is this what she was thinking at the time? Of course not, she was seeking someone to hold and comfort her. She was looking for fulfillment. What did she actually get? Well for one, maybe a terrible infection that will either kill her or destroy her reproductive system. This is a terrible price to pay for a few minutes of pleasure.

If she becomes pregnant she will face those who care for her with shame. Hopefully, she will not abort the child. This child may be the one who will be born with the ability to develop medical, scientific or mathematical breakthroughs that will benefit all of mankind. We who love sports see many on the fields who are extremely blessed with athletic ability. Thank God for them. Right?

If the sin of fornication is committed by one (or both) who is (are) married God calls it Adultery. This is one of the Big Ten, need I say more? This act of disobedience greatly increases the sin and it’s consequences. Adultery has brought about more cases of divorce than any other reason. Countless millions of children suffer today because of this sin.

Are you guilty now? Millions are all over the world. If you are, simply go into a secret place and admit to God what you have done. Tell Him how you really feel about it. If you ask Him, He will forgive you. I promise. But, let it be clear He is not going to give you a license to continue. To receive this license you MUST be united in Holy Matrimony. I didn’t say, “get married.” There is an ocean of difference. God will provide a godly pastor to perform this institution of marriage if you seek Him. The first and most important is the COMMITMENT! Only God Himself can truly marry you. If you are married now and want God’s blessing on your union go to a godly pastor and ask him. He will be delighted to ask God’s blessings on you. God is always THE Redeemer.

If you want to live in Heaven you best be born again of His Spirit and learn His ways and do them. No one will enter into the Kingdom of God without a white robe. He has one for you.

If you desire to know more about this Jesus Christ who loves you, and you want to ask Him  into your heart, receiving His Saving Grace please click on this Salvation Prayer

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