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Sometimes I Feel So Bad I Could Cry... But...


If men were to tell the truth, they would have to confess they already have many times. It is a shame our culture looks at tears in a man’s eyes as a form of weakness and not for what they really are. God gave everyone emotions. Some seem to handle stressful situations better than others. I know people who put their hands and feet through walls and doors instead of shedding a few tears when they are upset. Now you tell me which is smarter? If you study people you will see that some will explode in anger and some will weep.

The Holy Bible tells us on two occasions Jesus wept. He is not only EMMANUEL (God with us) but He is also the example men and women are to emulate if they have any intentions of living eternally with Him in heaven. Jesus was not a crybaby. The scriptures reveal He was very strong physically and spiritually.  He worked constantly to please His Heavenly Father.

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Ben Marler, Jr 

At the death of Lazarus, the scripture says, “Jesus wept”. This is the shortest verse in the Bible. He was not weeping for Lazarus, but for the people who should have known by this time who He was, and they failed to recognize Him. Jesus is the author and preserver of Life. He knew the death had indeed struck His friend Lazarus.  He also knew Lazarus was asleep in Him. 

The other time speaks powerfully of His love for Jerusalem and those who lived there. He told them that destruction would come upon them and they would be carried off and their beloved city would be destroyed. Again, His emotions were released because they failed to recognize Him as the one sent by their Heavenly Father to deliver them from sin and death. He knew they would suffer and He didn’t want it to happen. But, it would...

The last few years of my life have been filled with pressure. I admit I don’t handle pressure well. Some folks almost seem dead inside when they are in stressful conditions. It makes me wonder if they aren’t bottling them in and until they can release them in private. This is perhaps the best for them but it isn’t for me.

There is a time in most people’s life when they are so hurt they cry 
continually. This can become debilitating. There is only one sure cure and it is the work of God. Our inner most parts are the tenderest. They are vulnerable only when we allow someone to get to close to us. It almost seems we remove the cover from our hearts and expose them.I can remember a time when I loved one of my pastors so much that a simple look of disapproval from him would make my eyes puddle up. I went to God one day and asked Him to remove some of my love for this man. He was a very gentleperson. I didn’t want anyone to hurt him. I suppose it was the kind of love Kind David and Saul’s son Jonathan shared. Please understand, I’m 
definitely not referring to a sexual affection but one of a shared heart for God and His labors.

When I’m provoked I sometimes become angry. I release my fury or temper. This generally works out the worse for me. I usually end up feeling guilty for what I said or worse yet, remorse if I did something stupid. There is a special verse in the Bible I believe only applies to those who have surrendered their lives to Jesus. They are the “born again” of John chapter three. The verse says, “Vengeance is Mine saith the Lord. I will repay.” Did you know He means it? Allow me to ask you a question. If someone were abusing your child, would you stand by and let it happen? I doubt it, especially if they were innocent. Did you know God sees everything happening everywhere? Nothing is hidden from His Spirit and the holy angels who serve Him.

Many people have gone to jail, prison and even the cemetery as a result of allowing their hurt to take the form of an outburst of anger. Those who do not belong to God do not readily share in this protection and promise of retribution to those who injure us.

I believe the most tears are yet to be shed on Earth. These tears will be shed by those left behind at the rapture. When they realize the good folks are gone and they are left here with those who are devoid of the love of God. If you are here, you will see a flood of tears on nearly everyone’s eyes and, yours as well. THE REASON I’M WRITING THIS MESSAGE IS TO HELP YOU PREVENT BEING IN THE GROUP LEFT BEHIND. You don’t have to be separated from 
God and your loved ones who went up. You can go too! The information below will allow you to be included. God is very serious and you must be too.

I know I will cry many more times in my life so I’m not going to worry about it. I just hope the tears will continue to soften my heart. Once, Jesus saw a funeral moving along. The widow was going to bury her only son. Jesus understood this young man was her social security. The Bible says, “He was moved by compassion”. And, because He was he raised the son to life and gave him back to his mother. I normally puddle up when I read this in my Bible. This is one of the main reasons I love Jesus. JESUS CARES!

He cares for you and me. Yes, He cares for everyone. He loves us with an everlasting love. When you and I live in Him this same potion is available to any and all we give it. The Bible says, “freely you have received, freely give.” The most miserable Christians are those who have freely received and now covet and hold back their blessings. I hope and pray you are not in this group. If you are, 
you will be a poor Christian in everyway one can be poor. I can guarantee you will be poor in spirit.

To sum it up why not let the tears come when you feel the move of God on you or you are at a breaking point. God sees your tears and stores them up. They are precious to Him. I once heard a preacher say, “let them flow. You couldn’t buy them for $10,000.” I know from experience, he was right. What do you think?

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