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Capt. Ben Marler

God is not pleased with the Church.

How many folks do you see attempting to win the lost to Christ?

I donít see many, and Iím out in the world all the time. For Godís sake, why do you think we are still here after being born again? When we accepted Godís awesome promises and received Jesus as Lord of our lives we were no longer the same person. The Bible tells us we became a new creation.

I suspect that many who claim Christ are not claimed by Him. There is a very important verse, ďI AM NOT ASHAMED OF JESUSď. It is Mark 8:38 and everyone who desires to walk upon the streets of Gold should take it very seriously. Actually we should take all of the Lordís words seriously. Having said that, I hope you realize we are to live in the freedom He gave us when He saved us. We are free as we live in Him as He lives in us.

Please believe me when I tell you that believing in Jesus is only the beginning of an intimate relationship. Satan believes more than anyone and He is bound for Hell!

If we have Godís heart, and we will if we are His child, do you think we should care if the lost are headed to Hell? Be honest now with yourself and admit the truth.

Of course we should be caring, and better yet asking God to allow us to bring some to Jesus so He can save them.

If you are believing that you and I can save anyone you have forgotten that ďOnly Jesus Saves.Ē All we can do is be like sign posts that reveal where to go and find Him. If folks look other than the cross they may be led into a religion or slow acting poison. I have met so many who place their hope in their denomination and are sometimes only the walking dead. I used to be one of them.

Satan is out to deceive and he is an expert at it. You can look at most any denomination and find evidence of misguided leadership. I still cringe at the thought of so many youths being molested by priests in the Roman Catholic Church. And then, there are countless cases of sexual abuse by other ministers who have taken advantage of women during times of emotional distress. I know of one pastor who deserted his family and congregation to have an adulterous relationship with his secretary. The pain and anguish tormented this family for decades.

If you are going to be part of the solution you must have a heart change and God is willing to give you one. Go to Him today and tell Him that you will never deny Jesus, and if you are tempted, please discipline you immediately.

He knows your heart better than you do and will see the sincerity or lack of it when you say this. If you make it begin to be prepared to give an account to all who see Jesus in you.

I find that when I am working for the Lord which is basically 24/7 I have a smile upon my face. I was so bad when He saved me that I canít wait now to tell someone what a wonderful God we have and that He was willing to forgive and accept me into His eternal family. Some folks donít want to hear it, especially since I have a serious speech impediment. But I wonít let this stop me. I might meet someone today who may become the next ďBilly GrahamĒ.

I use Ephesians 2:10 daily as it tells me that God has planned my day, and He has planned yours too. Try it, you will like it. I found the best reason for living is giving Jesus away to the lost.

There is a ďdiscoveredĒ truth here that you must experience yourself. The more you give Him away, the more of Him you have. If you are hungering more for Jesus in your life start today by asking Him to use you. If you really care whether or not the lost burn in Hell you will not need any more encouragement from me. If you donít care, then I fear for you as He may say that you are ashamed of Him.

If someone was to kill me today because of my witnessing do you think I would mind? If you do, you are very wrong. For 37 seven years now Iíve witnessed and no one has even hit or even spit on me. What do you think of that? Do you think Iíve been denied to suffer for Christ? Iím not looking forward to it but if it happens, bless the Lord with me.


If you have read this far I believe you love Jesus with all your heart and that tells me you are wanting to be used. I am asking God to use this message to help you. When you do would you please write to me and tell me? I want to add you to my prayer list. There are billions who need Jesus right now.