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Capt. Ben Marler

Did you know there is a time when the Lord will place ďChristiansĒ on His left to be judged? In Matthew 25 we find some of the most poignant words in all of the Bible. It seems inconceivable that some folks who have been in the church since their youth will be rejected by Jesus but sadly it is the case.

Who are these folks? I believe they are the casual Christians who go about their life seeking their own fortunes and fame. This is not the life we are to live when we surrender our lives to the Lord. For us to be saved we must accept Jesus as both Lord and Savior. In the chapter mentioned Jesus tells us that half or five of the ten virgins will be turned away because they are foolish. The five accepted are considered prudent.
How do you see yourself right now? You have to be honest with yourself or you will miss the good things that God has for your life. It is surprising how few want to tell something that God has just done in their life. When He moves the effect is dramatic.
I listened to a testimony Wednesday night where a woman about to deliver her daughter was facing a caesarian section due to her baby being in the breech position. A man whom neither she nor her husband had ever seen came up and asked if he could pray for her. The situation was desperate and the answer obvious. As the man prayed he placed his hands upon her tummy and prayed in tongues of all things. The baby began to move to head first and when the doctor returned to do the operation he was surprised and very happy as was mom and dad when the delivery was normal.
When they told me about this miracle their faces were like lights. Godís care is so vital to them and they love to tell what He has done in their lives. It is obvious God considers them sheep. Isnít that neat?
Today, I met a man who is so frustrated with the traffic and taxes that he is moving from Destin to the mountains of North Carolina. When I began to witness to him he was adamant that he didnít want to hear anymore. He said one of his sisters was a Jehovahís witness and the other a Baptist. I frowned when he mentioned the JW but gave him a thumbs up on the Baptist. Afterwards, I tended to agree with the statements he was making and before long there was a slender bridge for me to meet him where it counts.
I said that I wanted to pray for him and reached for his hand. I was so pleased when he took it tightly. My prayer was so simple and to the point. I simply asked Jesus to send His best angels with Mike as he traveled and to please wrap his arms around him when he gets there and let him know You. He was visibly touched and I was very blessed.
It doesnít take much to get folks to see that a relationship with Jesus makes you a sheep or one who is very needful of a Shepherd. Those who are making it on their own are like goats. Did you know that a goat herder walks behind the herd? He has to as they must be pushed to get them where he wants them. The sheep instead will follow the voice of their friend, the shepherd. They are so needy and must be protected all the time.
Jesus declared Himself to be the Good Shepherd. Those who have surrendered to Him have found this to be true. One of His greatest gifts to us is the Peace that passes all understanding no fear of judgment or dying. Goats donít have this as they donít really trust Him nor He them.
Do you want to be on His right? What a foolish question but it has to be asked. If you do then do what millions have done before you. Look at Jesus hanging on His cross dying in your place and tell Him what you think about it. When you come to understand that His death is the only way you can be saved there should be a welling up of thanks that many times is tearful. Then, ask Him to forgive you for all the times you have sinned against Him. He will forgive you instantly for He has been waiting on you.
Then, do what I didnít do until I was 33, invite Jesus into your heart by inbreathing Him. The disciples were so frightened at His death they were hiding. When Jesus came to their hiding place and breathed His Spirit upon them they became born again. This makes John 1:12 so clear. ďTo as many as those who receive Him, to them gave He the power to become the children of God, even those who believe in His Name.Ē
Isnít it simple and prudent to do what He says and not say ďbut, but, but to Him like a goat? If you are unable to surrender to Jesus right now do yourself a big favor and donít die. Once dead there is no hope for you. At this special moment you can reflect upon your life in light of His suffering and dying for you on the cross.
The Holy Spirit is with you right now as He loves you just as you are. You can never make yourself worthy of Godís forgiveness so donít even try. Please just accept His gift of Amazing Grace and begin to live as one of His sheep. Arenít you tired by now of living in fear of dying? If you say you donít, I donít believe you. You will die like everyone else and it could happen at anytime. Be prudent and make Jesus Christ first in your life and allow God to work out His mighty purposes in you.
You are very precious to Him and He has proved it by paying for your sins with the Blood of Jesus . Do not reject Him now or you could find yourself in a lake of fire forever with Satan and his unholy angels regretting your choice.
When Jesus was raised from the dead He was raised for us too. Now begin to live in Him and experience a brand new life as one of His adopted kids. I surrendered 35 years ago and now have eternity to tell Him how much I love Him for it. Will you stand with me in Heaven in His Presence? My prayers for all who read this tell me you will. When you do tell someone who has been praying for you. It will make their day!

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