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Rick Joyner
MorningStar Ministries

Boldness, courage, and trust in the Lord will be increasingly demanded by those who will stay on the path of life. Of course, many brothers and sisters in Christ throughout the world have lived in such a place for a long time, having to walk in bold faith to survive every day.

The United States is one of but a few very rare nations where radical Christianity has ever been tolerated without severe and continuous mortal persecution. Even the so-called "Christian nations" have rarely, if ever, tolerated radical Christians. They may encourage institutional or almost any form of non-threatening lukewarm Christianity, but not radical faith.

It has likewise been rare for even the United States to tolerate radical Christians, though rarely has that persecution been unto death. Just a few decades ago, it was nearly impossible for Pentecostals to get a job if it were known that they spoke in tongues.

Today, there are forces promoting the freedom to do or say just about anything anywhere, while laws are passed or court decisions are handed down to deny Christians even the most basic freedom of speech. Students can freely use curse words in class, but if they dare to mention the name of Jesus, they can be suspended. Likewise, if a teacher ever gives a student a Bible or a religious tract, they will likely be fired. It is interesting that the same is not necessarily true if a teacher gives a student a Koran.

True, radical Christianity, which does not seek political correctness, will always be offensive to those who are controlled by the fear of man. True Christians, who seek to live lives in obedience to God, are, and almost always will be, under continual attack everywhere in this present age. If we want to get along with this present world, we will have to compromise our faith.

"True Christianity will always be persecuted."

Yet, true Christianity is the only hope for the world and for those who are doing the persecuting. If we do not radically obey, the salt quickly loses its ability to preserve. So true Christians will never be prone to seek security or approval from the world, but from God alone. To live that way is also the greatest freedom and greatest peace that we can have.

It Was as the Best of Times and the Worst of Times

Not only the United States, but much of the world was traumatized by the Hurricane Katrina disaster. The world watched in anxious astonishment as the wealthiest, most powerful nation on earth was brought to her knees by a single storm--the worst problems being caused by the breaking of a single levee. How could this have happened? Can it happen again? Even more importantly, what can we do about it?

Just as a bad automobile accident can leave a family wounded and affected for years, Hurricane Katrina will have an impact on our nation for years to come. However, a great deal of good can come from it, if we handle it right. Just as a bad car accident can make better drivers out of everyone touched by it for a long time, and make them appreciate each other much more, Katrina can do the same for us.

"The point of this Bulletin is to help us use every coming storm or disaster to become stronger and better."

President Bush was appointed to serve through eight years of troubled waters, and to appoint Supreme Court Justices who could begin to reverse the persecution of Christians in America, and the evil that will bring much more severe discipline from the Lord if not repented of. To fulfill its purpose as a nation, the United States will have to walk in an increasingly lonely place, enduring the rejection from many other nations. The approval and favor of God is worth much more than all the other nations could ever offer us.

Likewise, Christians who walk without compromise, repenting of the things that the Lord disapproves of, taking a stand for truth and righteousness, will not have many friends in this world.

We will, however, help save the world from destruction and prepare the way for the Lord.