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Capt. Ben Marler

I am confident that you can drive the Spirit of God away faster by cursing than any other way. I am shocked today how so few folks understand this and still profess to be Christians. I know where they are getting it. If you go to movies or watch CDs of movies in short order you are swimming in filth. If profanity is OK, why is it not included in our worship services? Dumb question Huh?

It has been said that confession is good for the soul, so like a fool I will expose part of my sordid past here. I graduated from a Military Academy prior to entering FSU. The filthy stuff we said when unsupervised was awful but would not hold a candle to the words being freely gushed at FSU. For some reason we felt that to hold our own with our peers filthy words were required. Strangely though, when we dated no one could have made us repeat the words at gunpoint.

As far as the Lord is concerned, filth is filth no matter when it is uttered. Let me ask you a question? Do you sometimes let filthy language slip out of your mouth? I asked a friend this today and with a very serious look he said, "Ben, if I said I didnít, I would be lying." This precious brother in Christ has a young son that is the apple of his eye. I told him that his son is going to "mirror him" and he must stop. If he would pray and ask the Lord for help, God would help him instantly. He said, "Ben, pray for me now." As I did my love for him grew greatly. He was concerned for his son and his humility touched me.

To give you an idea what God says about this, try and remember He has told us not to swear at all. We are to let our yes be yes and our no be no. We are not to embellish our answers in any way. We represent Him, if we are born again of His Spirit. He has told us we are His Ambassadors, high officials in the Kingdom of God. Do you suppose our Government would appoint men or women to represent our Nation who have sewer mouths? The answer should be obvious. Like wise, the Lord is not going to use us if we can not express ourselves in civil gracious speech.

One thing we Christians must never lose sight of the fact we are being prepared for eternal life in Heaven. This place is so holy and pure that only the ones cleansed by the Holy Spirit will ever see it, much less enter. May I ask a stupid question? Is this where you want to spend eternity or have you decided you want to roast with the devil? Surely you donít unless you have completely lost your mind. Hereís what you can do about it if you are one who curses.

Go to God on your knees, yes on your knees, and tell Him exactly how you feel about your bad language. Then, humbly ask Him to forgive you. If you understand that Jesus hung for 6 hours dying for your sins your request will be much more sincere. Accept Godís forgiveness as it is His will to forgive you. Jesus died for you as much as He did for the rest of us, you are precious to Him. Then ask the Lord to remove from your vocabulary the words that now grieve your soul.

If you are ever provoked and let a bad word go, immediately go to God in prayer and tell Him you are sorry. Tell Him you are most grateful for 1 John 1:9 where He has promised to forgive us if we confess it. Again, remember the price Jesus paid for your forgiveness. I donít know about you, are anyone else, but each time I receive forgiveness I love Him all the more. Jesus said, "Those who have been forgiven much, love much." I guess this explains my never ending effort to win the lost to Him. Many have no idea how much "eternal" danger they are in. Did you know that those who die in their sins will end up paying for them? Did you know that St. Paul said he worked out his salvation with fear and trembling? If anyone had an excuse to curse his tormentors, he did. Read for yourself how many times he was stoned and beaten for the sake of Christ. He would not have been given the honor to suffer for Jesus if he was going to curse those abusing him, Amen?

When I hear folks cursing I like to ask them one question. Do you know why Peter only denied Jesus 3 times? When they said they donít, I tell them he cursed. The instant the foul words left his mouth those who were asking knew he couldnít be part of Jesusí followers. Then when Peter heard the cock crow the second time, like Jesus said would happen, he ran out into the darkness and "wept bitterly". God bottled each tear as they were from his broken heart. If you find yourself also weeping donít stop. Each tear is precious to God. This is the moisture He uses to cleanse your heart so that the Holy Spirit has a clean place to reside.

If you are unable to cry you are not alone. Many have never been to the Lordís cross either. When you are permitted to sit or kneel beneath Calvaryís cross, you will I can assure you. I have been there and done that. God allowed me to see Jesus crucified in a vision many years ago. There is no way my tears could have been stopped. My face was awash with them.

At Calvary, we will find true remorse for our sinful life. Remorse is so important because it brings validity to our confession. If you are living as a Christian and have never truly repented of your sins, I feel for you. I believe all you really have is religion and not relationship. You can change this in a moment by going to God and ask Him to take you to the cross.

Spend some time there looking upon Jesus nailed, bruised, beaten, cursed, deserted and dying, crowned with a thorny crown. If you were to spend 6 hours with Him you possibly couldnít handle it. Even a little time is extremely valuable; so go today and find your peace with God. When you find it you wonít be profane anymore. And, you can tell anyone you are going to heaven when you die. I promise!