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Sis. Ching Co
Cebu City, Philippines


September 28, 2004

Today, during my Bible reading time, the Holy Spirit quickened these words to me from Isaiah 55:8,11 (New Living Translation), "My thoughts are completely different from yours, and my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine...It is the same with my word, I send it out, and it always produces fruit. It will accomplish all I want it to, and it will prosper everywhere I send it."

As I was meditating on these words, I saw in my mind a multitude of God's people, and in their minds/hearts they were asking/thinking about these thoughts: "Does what I do really matter?? Am I making any difference at all??" Each one of these saints were enclosed in a bubble.

At this point, I felt a quickening in my heart and sensed the Lord speaking these impressions to me:

"Yes, what you do in obedience to me matters. Its effect goes beyond the sphere of what you can possibly think or even imagine. It is destroying strongholds and breaking down spiritual barriers, preparing the way for My Spirit to move in greater measure."

"Your Prayers and Love are Affecting Not Only Your Own..."

Pictures of people flashed through my mind. Parents loving and praying for their wayward children. Husbands and wives living with difficult spouses as they continued to love them/submit to them as God has led. Pastors and ministers crying out for their sheep and spiritual wards. Spiritual children crying out for their pastors. All types of people carrying difficult burdens, living under difficult circumstances, all crying out to God while doing the best they can in response to God's leading where they are now. All feeling tired, vulnerable, and wondering if their situations will ever change, if their prayers will ever be answered, if all their labor and effort is making any difference at all in the lives of those they are called to minister and labor in.

As I continued to watch scene after scene of people crying out to the Lord flashing in my mind, I sense a battle going inside my heart. A tug of war of different emotions and thoughts. Forcing myself to be still, these words like cool refreshing water to my thirsty soul flooded in. May these words bring the same healing to those who need to hear them today:

"Tell my people that all will be well with them. Lift up your eyes heavenward. For the battles you are fighting are greater than just your own. When you love your wayward children, you are not just loving your own, your love is breaking down barriers in the hearts of many other wayward children. Because you have chosen to love, the others, too, will be set free by the love you pour down on your own. When husband and wife continue to love and submit to each other. When shepherds and sheep choose to walk in my ways no matter how lonely and difficult these paths may be. When you choose to trust and believe me despite the sicknesses, difficulties, and trials you are facing in your midst, you are not doing it just for your own, either; you are helping me restore order to a chaotic society, establishing my value system in the world, planting my seeds in the hearts of men, and bringing healing to many broken families."

"A Great Purpose is Being Accomplished"

"Every day that you choose to obey and follow me, your labor avails much. The heavenly hosts are able to move forward, breaking down strongholds, taking back territories with each step that you take and each tear that you shed. You are doing much, my children. Lift up your eyes heavenward, for the victory is much greater that you can perceive or imagine.

"Not all of you will taste and see the victory you so long for in your lifetime. But take heart, your labor will not be vain. Your cries have been heard, your desires will be granted. And great will be the blessings that you will be leaving behind.

"Like my people from old, you have been called to walk and live like them. Their lives were signs and symbols for their times. It was not only for their own that they lived and walked. It was for a greater purpose. And just as their obedience resulted in great victory, so your faithfulness in what you are doing now is also achieving the same greatness. Again, I say lift up your eyes heavenward, for great things are happening and you are a big part of it.

"I am pouring out my refreshing spirit upon your souls. Breathe it in. Your soul will be restored, your spirit will once more be lifted up for the battle ahead. Come...come...come...my beloved."