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Capt Ben Marler


Hell and high water are two places I never want to find myself. By Godís amazing grace I am free from the danger of going to hell. And, I have promised the Lord that I would never buy a piece of property that has ever been flooded since Noahís biblical flood.

There are high water situations where we can drown. Getting over our heads in debt is perhaps the most common. When you spend more than what you make you are making the plunge. When you speak of things you know nothing about the water can not only be deep but hot. When you sin against God there is only one solution and that is to quickly look up and ask His forgiveness.

High water is going to come daily for billions. We who love God need to be near by with our life saving equipment to draw them to safety. This is the main job of Christians. We like Jesus are here to save. He came as Godís solution to the fact that the wages of sin is death. God didnít want us to die but was being forced to kill us because of His hatred for sin. He is the first and the last to love sinners but hate their sin with a hatred that we can not even fathom.

Are you a sinner? If you say you arenít then you donít understand the question. Or, Praise God!, you have become a child of God. He is the judge of whether or not we are sinners. He makes all the rules and enforces them tool. An adopted child of God is seen through the eyes of God and He can clearly see that Jesus is within us. Yes! Within us a mystery hidden from the ages according to St. Paul.

Actually, Jesus is standing now at the right hand of the Father in Heaven. His Holy Spirit comes when we surrender to God after our repentance. We should look at repentance as more than simply saying Iím sorry for my sins. Most who say this are only repeating words. God gave us many expressions to emphasize our true feelings. In my case it is tears. Some times I canít hold them back at all. When I truly repented of my sins they poured and poured. I didnít know there were that many within me.

Some folks get real excited and shout and jump around when they are moved by the Spirit. I envy them as they are really fun to watch and appreciate. Thank God we arenít all the same.

The question here is simply this; have you experienced Godís forgiveness? Either you have or you havenít. If you havenít what is holding you back? I suspect most folks simply do not fear God. They should as one day, and probably not one of their choosing they will leave Earth for their final destination. Some will meet the Lord in the air to forever be with Him. Others will go to a place of darkness and dread where they will await their trial at the Great White Throne. Sadly all those who come here will go to hell.

The difference is simply too. You can accept Godís forgiveness after a true repentance or you can refuse the free gift of God and find that the wages of your many sins is death just like He has said. I am praying you have the sense enough to seek a relationship with God where He no longer calls you a sinner but a son or daughter. Will you come now and ask His forgiveness with a truly repentant heart? Are you willing to tell him that you want His way in your life? Are you willing to turn from your sinful lifestyle? He will greet you with open arms just as He did for me.

Let this be the greatest day of your new life. Jesus is God and He loves you beyond any human understanding. I know as I found it for myself 34 years ago. I want to help you in your relationship with God. Neither He nor I want you to become a religious person but one who loves unconditionally just He loves us.