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The Door of Fullness
Shawn Bolz
WhiteDove Ministries

Recently I was praying in my living room and had an encounter with the supernatural. I watched as a large door appeared in front of me in the Spirit. It was an awesome double door; it quickly opened towards me. It opened to the left and right. Each door was etched with gold writing. The left door was named "Filled." And the right was called "Fullness."

I looked through the door and was captured into a trance. I realized instantly by revelation that this door was the entryway to Ephesians 3:19-21:

"...that is, you will know the love of Christ, which goes far beyond knowledge, and will be filled with all the fullness of God. Now to the one who can do infinitely more than all we can ask or imagine according to the power that is working among us- to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever! Amen."

I know that God is opening a door to fill us with a full measure of His love. This simple statement, when understood in the Kingdom perspective, is a huge invitation for His sovereignty to come to us.

Jesus has desired a people whom His Spirit can fill with His fullness since day one of creation. Something has been opened to our generation to experience a full measure of His love which will cause His kingdom to visibly invade the earth. Just like Paul says in Ephesians 3:20, it's beyond what we can ask or imagine.

Yes the Door of Revelation 4:1 is Opened, but What is it Opening To?

I have heard so many people in the last few years proclaim that the door of Revelation (3:8 and 4:1) is opened to us, and it is true! This is a popular theme because God is opening our eyes to heavenly realities; He is grounding us in eternity. We need to start giving language, though, for what is through that door.

In the same way, many people are teaching that God is opening our spiritual eyes; but what happens when it's not just in our mental and soul realm where we see? It's not just a daydream anymore or a mental vision. What happens when we are translated to spiritual places by His love and we see as He has desired a people to see -- with no veils over our eyes?

Just like Ephesians 3:20 says, He wants to go beyond our imagination, not just inspire it. He wants to open up Heaven's desires, not just deal with our desperation for what we perceive is deep.

The Daniels Have Gone Home

In the last 2000 years, God has been looking for friends He could trust with His fullness; those who would pay the price to gain a place of authority in love. This means they would go through any wilderness, climb any mountain, pilgrim through any desert, with a solitary goal in their hearts: To be filled with the full measure of His love.

These became like modern Daniels; the Lord befriended them and told them His secrets. Even in modern days we had "Daniels" like William Branham, who had the Spirit of Truth stand next to him in sometimes-visible-ways to the people. The Lord loved Him so much that He sent endorsement for brother Branham's genuine friendship with Heaven.

Others were like John G. Lake who could see past the physical realm, past the spiritual truths, into the very heart of God's Spirit. He would manifest the divine love He saw in His faith realm right into our natural world where people would be healed of every incurable disease.

He was reported to have over 100,000 documented healings in his ministry. This does not include many that were in 3rd world countries and places that are not easy to document. There could have been as many as 100,000 more miracles. Even the secular newspapers were constantly reporting the miracles because they were so obvious and profound. Secular media carried the message of heaven invading earth!

These are just two out of many -- too many to mention here -- but these men and women were thought by modern intellectuals to be "divinely touched." They were actually Daniels. They were those who, like Daniel, would advocate the Kingdom of Heaven because of their great uncompromising love for God.

A Legacy and Inheritance Left for a New Generation

They were rare in their generations, and much of what the Lord told them and shared with them from His eternal heart was never spoken about to the masses. Just like Daniel, they were not contending in a generation trying to reproduce or clone their life and ministry; they were holding a door open in the Spirit out of sincere and devoted love as true fathers and mothers.

But, as they passed on into eternity, just like Daniel, they had to "seal" the scrolls of truths they had learned. Their friendship was gained and not transferable, and they went on to be with the Lord, leaving a message through their life and leaving incredible historical fruit for Christianity and the world.

They did not, however, reproduce or create more "messengers" on a corporate scale or release spiritual sons and daughters who moved in the same complete realm that they did. Each one of the men and women may have fathered or mothered a small group of those who would go on to have access to a portion of their anointing, but none completely reproduced themselves. This is because the one who became a Daniel had a high calling of ministering to the Lord's agenda, so their purpose was not to recreate themselves, but rather to promote Jesus.

God has taken many of the Daniels home in the last few years. I believe they prepared the way for what is coming. Bill Bright, Derek Prince, Ruth Heflin, Fuchsia Picket, and many, many others have moved on, leaving a legacy and inheritance to a generation.

Churches call them apostolic fathers and mothers, which is not the holistic way to see them. They were the Daniels of our generations, holding onto the mysteries of God. They encouraged us by the fruit of their lives that there was so much more available if we would just access God's heart.

From a Small Company of Daniels to a Generation of Johns

There is something now opened, though, that God designed from the beginnin g.In contrast to Daniel who was told to close up the scroll for his generation, we now have a whole new breed on the earth that John the Beloved was a token of. John was invited into such a friendship with eternity, that Jesus could not wait but to reveal the fullness of His purpose to John. He was a picture of an end-time generation.

Although Revelation is a hard book to understand for many, and though misunderstandings has caused as much fear as faith in generations of believers, it is about to become the love letter of our last generation. As John saw the same sorts of things as the Old Testament prophets, unlike them, he was given the authority to bring forth the complete word of the testimony of Jesus to His generation. He was told in Revelation 10 that it was time for the scrolls to be released.

Breaking Open Heavenly Mysteries for a Whole Generation

Instead of God's friend being a secret keeper of eternal mysteries, John was called to break open a generation to the heavenly realm. He began to give insight and language so that everyone could understand the fullness of God's desire.

John the Beloved was a forerunner of a people who would have fullness; a full revelation of the Love of God in this age. We are going from the few sovereign Daniels of every generation to a whole generation of Johns. These are those who would be captured by the desire of Heaven, and who would be fascinated by the mysteries of God.

Revelations of Heaven's Heartbeat

Starting in the past few years, you can begin to document the number of mainstream ministries that are promoting love as the primary issue of ministry and life. This is because they themselves have been encountered by the heart of God. There is a new heartbeat that is acting like a rallying war cry in the hearts of those who are dedicated to Jesus.

God has opened the door of Fullness and is encountering people all over the earth with a revelation of His full love.

In our meetings we have begun to lay hands on people and even open the door in corporate ministry by calling people to Ephesians 3:19 -- to the full measure of love. This full measure is beyond what we are able to contain in our own nature. We have to be expanded supernaturally to contain it. In some ways this is the baptism of fire that was talked about in Acts.

Are you beating with the fullness of His love in your heart? Call your spirit man up to it; it's available. Become like John the Beloved.