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Capt Ben Marler


How can He when He is the Truth? Jesus even said, "It is impossible for God to lie." But donít we treat the Word of God as if He is trying to mislead us? If you are an honest person you will say yes even if reluctantly. Satan is the liar, thief, murderer and deceiver of the brethern just as Jesus said. It seems that most Christians want to believe him than the One who sent His Only Begotten Son, The Lord Jesus Christ to die for us.

Lets start today to begin to live our lives as if the whole Bible is true. For instance, Lets begin to believe we can do all things through Christ Jesus who lives within our hearts. Now if you are only religious this isnít true because the definition of being "born again" is to be redeemed by God and one who is now part of His Body. We receive Jesus, by faith, by actually inhaling Him (His Spirit) the same way the disciples did when He met with them in the upper room. As you may recall, after His resurrection from the dead He told Mary Magdalene to go and tell His disciples to go to Galilee and He would meet them there.

When He arrived they thought they were seeing a ghost. Then He said, "Shalom". When they heard His voice they cried out, "It is the Lord." Then He exhaled His Spirit upon them. They naturally inhaled His breath and became "born again of His Spirit." The time of their natural birth they inhaled the gaseous mixture we call air. The oxygen within it allowed their bodies to live just as we experienced it ourselves. John 1:12 makes this clear to me.

Now if Jesus says we can do the things He did and more, should we not believe Him? I do and I know folks far more dead to themselves who live more in His service than the majority of believers who claim to be Christians. Do you remember when Jesus was baptized by John in the Jordan River he asked Jesus to baptize him instead? Do you remember the Lordís reply? It is very important and we should memorize it. "No John, let all things be done according to righteousness." In other words, God planned all this and this is what I am going to do.

This is the main reason we donít see the works that Jesus did in our midst today. How many people do you and I know who are truly dead to their own desires? I wish I could say that I am but I know my own heart and am far from it. If you are then God can use you to do it all, even raise the dead. I bet you donít believe it but it is true.

The secret lies in the fact Jesus is living within your Ďdead to your own willí body. I believe this is Godís perfect will for all of His children. We are to be perfect even as He is, but most of us donít even come close. Will you pick up your cross daily and follow after the Lord? He told me one time that my cross was, "The difference between My will and your will." If you stop and think about it what else could it be? Jesus said, "I have come to do the Fatherís will."

I remember that when He was just 12 Mary and Joseph found him after looking everywhere else for Him in the temple. He told her, "Did you not know that I must be about My Fatherís business." He always knew Who He was and lived accordingly. Shouldnít we do the same? Do you and I identify ourselves as Godís children or do we place a denominational label on ourselves? I suspect the later as most churches' today want us to be their "property" than His. It was the Blood of Jesus that purchased us. We have been bought with a price, and a very heavy one too. Can you imagine what a single drop of the Blood of Jesus would bring at auction today? I believe it would be worth all the Gold in Ft. Knox many times over. When Jesus is in your heart to continue His labors for the Father that is what He paid for you.

God did not lie and wouldnít even if He could. You can trust Him to do the good He has promised and likewise you can trust Him to bring the judgment upon the wicked who refused to be cleansed by faith in Jesus. Are you one of them. Are you still living as a sinner knowing that God has said that the wages of sin is death? Are you not afraid of the consequences of going your own way? If you drive by a cemetery you will see the markers of many who refused the free gift and there is nothing we can do for them.

I gave my filthy heart to Jesus at 33 and was overwhelmed by His love. Some where there is some old carpet still stained by my many tears. I can not put into words, even though Iíve tried, how wonderful it felt when the weight of my sins left my back. I was so happy because I knew that Jesus had saved my soul and my sins were gone forever. He was going to live His life again in me and the joy of it was going to be all mine. You can have Jesus too if you donít wait too long. How much longer will you put Him off? He has said, "I will not strive with man forever."

Give yourself to Jesus now. Look at a picture of the crucifixion and know in your heart it was much worse than depicted there. Jesus suffered in horrible agony for you and me. I not only love Him for dying for me but I am very much in love with Him. It is my duty and privilege to give myself to Him each morning for His use. You can do it too. I use Ephesians in first person singular as my commitment verse. Like Jesus I just want to do the works that God, my Father, has prepared for me.