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Shaking the Dust When the Time Comes

Robbie L. Rogers

In my life and ministry I have run across many different types of people. Most if not all have some redeeming quality. God, I am convinced loves us all equally, warts and all; nevertheless He is not proud of some people. It is clear that He desires that all be saved and we all must suffer in some way or another because of His strategy.

I am a gardener of sorts. I grow a lot, sort of like the way I fish. It looks like I have a green thumb and like I am a good fisherman; that is not the case; I fish a lot and plant a lot failing to properly produce good results often; but, I am persistent. God, however, has this thing which I have a hard time with. He promises He will let the crop of us grow, bad plants and all without weeding for fear of damaging the good growth crops. I, and we, always tend to yank up the weeds by the roots. Sometimes I want to do this with people... write them off, shun them, give up on them because they are too offensive... weeds of society.

There are times when you must know when to fold 'em; get out of the game. The people who take and take and take, giving you only grief and consternation in return, they simply drain you with no replenishment. You plant the seeds only to see nothing happen, even sink holes develop where life should spring forth. Hate is a terrible thing; it springs from resentment and festers like cancer growing deep in a person's body. Sometimes the person doesn't even realize it; sometimes they do and use it to inflict others trying to make others as miserable as they are.

God is merciful and loving, seeing good even in these folks; but He also tells us in the scriptures that there is a time when we should stomp the dust off our feet and walk away from such people because we can do nothing for them. It remains up to God and His provisions for such people.

Some say that is the purpose of the millennium and God will give them one day of His time, a thousand years on earth, with which these types of people will learn first of all to bow to Jesus. Then in the end they will have to chose good or evil. There God will separate the wheat from the chaff and the final harvest will be done by Him.

We all will live eternally; but where? That is the question. Living with a total absence of God is a fearful place, one that I want no part off.

What is the purpose of life??? I don't know. I do know we will receive rewards for good work which are placed in heavenly places for when we go there. The only thing I know to do is do the best I can to do the Will of God in my life. Often times I falter; but, I am known by people who know me as a good and righteous man.

I wish I could know and say the right words with which to change men's hearts instantly, whereupon they would see the light, but that is not possible. My only hope is to spread the seeds of hope that God gives me... it is He, the Great Gardner, who makes them grow. However, praise be to God when they begin to grow someone like you who have the patients of Job will be nearby and dig around the roots and fertilize when needed to help nurture them along. Yet, realize this, that no matter what, it is God's responsibility to save them and never yours, never forgetting you should be very wary, for the adversary lurks and prowls about. Know by seeking the Lord's Wisdom as to whether it is time to shake off the dust concerning someone. I have on occasion done so especially if that person might be a vengeful person and will want to do what he can to get back at the people he hates. And, hate, normally is brought about by frustration, then anger, then hate.  Unfortunately it is too often the personification of the liberal thought process.